Twilight ; Real good, good, or not good at all?

1. I've watched Twilight. Both of 'em. I did not read the book though, but i guess it is an ok story.

2. From my perspective, the story of twilight is like a love version of underworld. A story about vampire..well, i don't like vampire that much. And...nothing more than that. It is a typical love story franchise, and i can say it is the biggest love story franchise there is in the world today.

3. However, from my own research which include not a significant number of candidate but still, i believe most of other additional candidate will answer the same thing..... that twilight strongest value is the male character, the sexiness of the male inside the movie.

4. Twilight is really clever, who ever make twilight should be call a clever person since as we know, if you can attract girls in the world, you will conquer the world and you can neglect the insignificant number of boys, men, and old people no matter what gender they are.

5. If i myself want to go watch that movie's sequel, i would not after i watched the first movie but i went to watch it because of my girl of course. One point to the matter, girls can control boys. And boys does not care if girls control them.

6. But, that movie is not that heavenly good i guess. Sometime i find it lame when they slow motion every male character posing with their cute face or six pack abdomen show off. But as i mention earlier, the movie is not for me, it is for girls. So fair enough, it deserves it. As much as Transformer deserves boys audiences because of Megan Fox. hah.


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