World to Israel assumption

1. A lot of assumption had been made since the flotilla incident about a few days ago. People start protesting everywhere around the world towards Israel. Well, it was a relieve to see that there are still human around the world after a very long period, we only see America and Israel species raging their voices.

2. What i like about this kind of protester is, they did not make assumption like those who are pro israel do. The protest were backed up by the fact that a human crime was done by the side they are protesting. In the other hand, those pro Israel side always make an assumption.

3. The assumption is about the flotilla is a propaganda to bring weapon to Hammas in Gaza. The assumption is about the Turkey President trying to win popularity and seed hatred into muslim and nourishing muslim radicalist in Turkey. The assumption is about the supply to be made into weapon in gaza. The assumption is the activist is terrorist not a humanitarian. The assumption is the flotilla intention is to provoke Israel. The assumption is those people who want to save life of other people are actually threating to kill Israelite. The assumption is the commando carrying weapon and live bullet is defending themselves from a live threatening attack from unarmed civilian. The assumption is the world is wrong and israel who are bathing with blood of the people they've killed is right.

4. It is a holocaust syndrome obviously. Whatever wrong deeds they have done, they always right because they were the one who suffer during holocaust. Well, let us see in the future later if people awaken already, realize that Israel is much more cruel that hitler.

5. I hate assumption. They don't have the fact but they act like they know.

6. I feel like i want to shout at their ear saying " Look at this, read, learn, and open your mind!"


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