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I am...

I did not update my facebook page since weeks ago. Almost everyone wondering where i am now. I am sorry as don't hae time to do anything right now except working everyday.   To tell everyone out there, i am posted in ONG in Hospital Wanita Dan Kanak-kanak likas. Life never been busier as this. Everyday i woke up at 5.20, take a shower and prepare everything before driving to Hospital and i need to reach the hospital before 6.30 am. After that, life is work and work and work only.   For the first time in  my life that i did skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for the first time in my life that i have to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner at 12 midnight.   I can only leave the hospital after a non stop working at 11 PM/ After that, i will buy something to eat and then get home at around 11.30 PM-12 AM and eat my dinner or just go to sleep.   Even last night i eat only half of my dinner because i am too tired to eat.   Life as a house officer is tough like everyone said b

Start working....

1. This picture is taken after my induction program has ended. So happy yet so nervous to whatever will happen after this. End of my induction means i can start working as a provisional doctor officially. 2. Hmm...induction course was nice... you know, i think if i did not go for induction course i will not be ready to work in goverment sector. I acquired a lot of new information regarding my work eg: regarding salary, allowance, my role, leave, and how to proceed for further study to become specialist. 3. Biro Tata Negara course is completely different from induction. Hm...don't want to talk about it but seriously, i dun like it much. I love my country and i love to learn history of my country, but you know...sometimes..history can be subjective. That should not happen. However, what to say. 4. Did i enjoy my 5 days course in Klang for Induction and BTN? Well, as a whole, no. But if i think about it again, it was fun though. You know, living in a business class hotel, fine din

We are Unique

Klang - I am in my induction course right now. It was kind of boring because i was stuck here in Puteri Garden Hotel, Klang. I never been to Klang before. In fact, i seldom went to peninsular Malaysia. 2. Yesterday, because of so boring staying in the hotel ( the whole day we listen to talk by various people regarding our role in goverment and everything else), and we have a few hours of rest before dinner served, so me and my roomate (yes, my roomate in UMS happen to be my roomate here also) talk a walk around the hotel. 3. To my surprise, when we were walking around, i feel so unique because everyone else around me are indians. Indian silk shop, indian restaurant, indian textile shop, and even the pedestrian, and most of the people driving in the street are indian. 4. I never had an encounter like this before. In place where i came from, there are no such places which is specific to one race only. Everywhere is kind of mixed. 5. It was a new experience for me. I was fascinate by

House officer

UPDATE- HOTEL PUTERI GARDEN, KLANG. Finally i received my posting letter. I'm posted to Hospital Queen Elizabeth. Ready to report for duty next week.

3 days to Induksi 2010

1. So dizzy thinking on how my life really mess up now. Things are so complicated. 2. Here is what i anticipate to happen in front of me within this few weeks.... first i go to induction, then came back to Labuan at 10th of July, then ready to go to wherever they posted me and start working at 12th of july. Without any preparation.... i have to start working. I don't even know where will i be posted yet until today. 3. What about house? Where should i stay? My car? How to bring my car there? Where is there? 4. Im so confueed.

3 days to Induksi 2010

1. Well, after around 2 months staying at home..hmmm..yeah exactly 2 months for me, now i've been called to induction course in Klang. 2. Everything planned. 3. Feel kind of lazy to go start back doing some activity that people told you to do so. For this 2 moths, my activity is doing whatever i wanted to do without anyone else telling. Boss for myself for 2 months. 4. As usual, feel nervous for it. Mostly not nervous for the induction course but the life after it. The life when i will start working as a house officer. For 5 years, i've been told that HO life is the worse life an occupation can offer. None other job worse like this 2 years period of time. 5. I doubt that (have to). Maybe i will feel enjoy or whatever. Maybe i will perceived it differently. Like when i start my medical study, everyone said that medical study have no life or whatever, yes, that is true, but still i enjoy it. Now i even miss that 5 years of medical study in UMS. so fun. 6. Praying to god to m