3 days to Induksi 2010

1. Well, after around 2 months staying at home..hmmm..yeah exactly 2 months for me, now i've been called to induction course in Klang.

2. Everything planned.

3. Feel kind of lazy to go start back doing some activity that people told you to do so. For this 2 moths, my activity is doing whatever i wanted to do without anyone else telling. Boss for myself for 2 months.

4. As usual, feel nervous for it. Mostly not nervous for the induction course but the life after it. The life when i will start working as a house officer. For 5 years, i've been told that HO life is the worse life an occupation can offer. None other job worse like this 2 years period of time.

5. I doubt that (have to). Maybe i will feel enjoy or whatever. Maybe i will perceived it differently. Like when i start my medical study, everyone said that medical study have no life or whatever, yes, that is true, but still i enjoy it. Now i even miss that 5 years of medical study in UMS. so fun.

6. Praying to god to make everything better later. I just want to help people and search for more money. huhu.


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