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I did not update my facebook page since weeks ago. Almost everyone wondering where i am now. I am sorry as don't hae time to do anything right now except working everyday.
To tell everyone out there, i am posted in ONG in Hospital Wanita Dan Kanak-kanak likas. Life never been busier as this. Everyday i woke up at 5.20, take a shower and prepare everything before driving to Hospital and i need to reach the hospital before 6.30 am. After that, life is work and work and work only.
For the first time in  my life that i did skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for the first time in my life that i have to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner at 12 midnight.
I can only leave the hospital after a non stop working at 11 PM/ After that, i will buy something to eat and then get home at around 11.30 PM-12 AM and eat my dinner or just go to sleep.
Even last night i eat only half of my dinner because i am too tired to eat.
Life as a house officer is tough like everyone said before. I don't have a choice, i need to move on and keep up with everything. I hope later i will achieve some sort of enjoyment or entertaiment in my life. To tell everyone the truth, we work 7 days in a week. maybe after i off tag then life become easier or maybe not. I don't know.
I miss my past. My life in medical school where i have a lot of time for myself, where i have my girlfriend waiting for me to go for our dinner after a 'busy' day at 7.00 PM. Time when i can woke up at 10 AM and went to watch movie with her in the afternoon.
I miss the time where i can sleep until 9 am and woke up with the smell of breakfast cooked by my mother. Ate the breakfast and then nothing else to do, so i went to disturb my cats. Play with them and waiting for 4.00 pm so that i can bring them to play outside the house. Then wait for dinner to be served. Then i can go sleep anytime i want.
Now life is changing, at 12 midnight, i sit on my bed rethinking my past. The same thing at 5.20 in the moring, i sit on my bed rethinking about my past.
Well, what can i do...
(now i am in Pathological Course organized by the hospital, so for the first time within this 2 weeks that i can sit and listen to lecture only. It was like a rest day for me, ironically, listening to lecture is consider busy when i was a medical student.Now it is not. ).


  1. working is like that... is already become part of life.. just dont be too busy till forget waht important to u


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