Start working....

1. This picture is taken after my induction program has ended. So happy yet so nervous to whatever will happen after this. End of my induction means i can start working as a provisional doctor officially.

2. Hmm...induction course was nice... you know, i think if i did not go for induction course i will not be ready to work in goverment sector. I acquired a lot of new information regarding my work eg: regarding salary, allowance, my role, leave, and how to proceed for further study to become specialist.

3. Biro Tata Negara course is completely different from induction. Hm...don't want to talk about it but seriously, i dun like it much. I love my country and i love to learn history of my country, but you know...sometimes..history can be subjective. That should not happen. However, what to say.

4. Did i enjoy my 5 days course in Klang for Induction and BTN? Well, as a whole, no. But if i think about it again, it was fun though. You know, living in a business class hotel, fine dining, full blast aircond 24 hours, my girlfriend with me, my friend with me, get to know some of UPM student (mostly i just remember my group mate during Induction course which i found they are crazy fun yet easy to work with, and some of them will be my colleague later in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

5. Other than that, well, that part of the town as i mention in the previous post , is totally different from the way i raised in this world. Haha. And, there is nothing in this part of Town. There is only a big Royal Museum in front of my hotel, and within 20 minutes walking distance, there is a shopping mall which smell like cigarette and a few small shops. So boring. Wish that i could to KL before going back to Labuan but what to do, no time for me. Other than that town, i went to my uncle house in Bandar SpringHill Port Dickson, i went to see Port Dickson town which i found okay and small.

6. This morning at 5 am, my uncle drove me to LCCT airport, and with long queue and limited time, i suddenly found myself waiting my luggage in Labuan Airport. End of my induction journey yet there are more to come. i have half day to pack (which i did not start yet) and then i will be on my way to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow morning and report for duty the day after tomorrow. Huh. I feel like sleeping.


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