We are Unique

Klang - I am in my induction course right now. It was kind of boring because i was stuck here in Puteri Garden Hotel, Klang. I never been to Klang before. In fact, i seldom went to peninsular Malaysia.

2. Yesterday, because of so boring staying in the hotel ( the whole day we listen to talk by various people regarding our role in goverment and everything else), and we have a few hours of rest before dinner served, so me and my roomate (yes, my roomate in UMS happen to be my roomate here also) talk a walk around the hotel.

3. To my surprise, when we were walking around, i feel so unique because everyone else around me are indians. Indian silk shop, indian restaurant, indian textile shop, and even the pedestrian, and most of the people driving in the street are indian.

4. I never had an encounter like this before. In place where i came from, there are no such places which is specific to one race only. Everywhere is kind of mixed.

5. It was a new experience for me. I was fascinate by this experience. Strange. Everything that is not use to our eyes, seems to interest us the most.

6. Well, now again, i am stuck here in this hotel. I am planning to go further out of this hotel street, to see more thing here in this part of Klang.


  1. find seafood... i think is famous there... and got JUSCO Bukit Tinggi i guess..

  2. How r u. Im at sg besi .

  3. hello all.

    sylvester, im in some area in Klang near that royal museum..there is nothing there. with limited time, i feel so so boring in klang.


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