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On Call Review

Who like on call on saturday? No one. It was too long. On call on weekend or public holiday means you will be working at 8.00 am till 8.00 am without the primary team supporting you. My on call last night was... err...tiring. But luckily my on call team was so damn cool. There are 3 of us keeping the Patient admission centre tight and steady. Our MO on call also super cool. So last night on call was cool. Haha. But you know, work never stop during on call. I feel like i am giving up in the middle of my on call day but i try to hold on and i made it. So relieved. I wonder why people choose to go to hospital at 2-3 am in the morning while you can actually wait until 7 or 8 am. Most patient who come will be admitted to ward and will be kept for observation for maybe 1-2 days meaning that they can come later mah. haha... i was very tired clerking patient non stop for 24 hours. Yesterday, i never took my lunch, and never took my dinner. I was very hungry until at some point i feel like coll

Like a Diary

Oh well. my blog post seem to become like a diary nowadays. I hate it. But i dun have anything else to talk about so that is why my post was all rubbish talking about how hard my life is nowadays. Well, it seem that i can cope with it for a little now so i did enjoy my work now. Especially today because it's raya day. Haha. Holiday for me. For the first time i did not went back to my hometown during raya. Not because i don't have holiday but i am too tired to go back as it will take me half day of traveling time to go back. If my salary already out i will go back with flight but fyi, i haven't received a single cent from the goverment after working very hard for them for almost 2 months now. So today is Hari Raya and i am eating mc donald for breakfast. What a life. Hmm.... so boring alone in my house. oh, so boring.

The job will never finish isn't it

Finally i get a sunday off this week after 2 consecutive sunday which i spend 36 hours on call. It was so nice. I woke up at 11 and i don't have anything to do. It is kind of boring but still it is the thing that i've missed so much, the boringness. Working as a house officer, even though i am new, is so exhilarating. As my colleague Shantene mention to me yesterday when i pass a case to her. "the job will never finish isn't it" she said to me. I am supposed to do my work from 6.30 am until 5pm during holiday including public holiday but yesterday until 5 pm the work did not finish. Just as i thought it is, the nurse keep coming to me and bring me another problem with another patient. Sometimes, i just want to say "Please, be healthy, don't get another problem on top of your current problem". Blood pressure is my number one enemy. You know why? Because in ONG, if someone came with normal pregnancy you wait, when someone came with fever, you treat,

Too Phat VS Eminem

Well, i have to make this post, to express myself to the turnover of the music industry. If anyone still remember that there is once when Hip Hop is the main music stream in this world. I remember at that time, if you look to the the west you will hear Eminem spitting his powerful lyrics. When you look to our local music scene, Too Phat was there catching every youth interest in this country. 10 years after, today, both Eminem and Too phat still vibrating in music industry. Listening to both, i start to realize that i am listening to two biggest name in Hip Hop. Eminem as the king of hip hop currently, and not to forget Too Phat has establish their empire here in Asian music culture, and i can say that it is not overreacted if i call Too Phat the King of hip hop in south east asia. The thing is, i realize that Malique ( too phat recently broke into Malique and Joe flizzow going to their seperate way of music but still maintaing the status of Too Phat), has created a quite different

Daily Schedule

When i think about it, i have this very small and limited daily schedule. Even narrower than before when i was in my holiday. 1. I woke up at 0530 and drive to Hospital at 0600. Arrive at hospital at 0620. Start my morning review at 6.30. Finish it at 8.00. 2. at 8.00 i will went to morning prayer (morning assembly). At 9.00 the round will start. It will last until 11.30 to 12.30. Then we will do discharges up until 1400. Then immediately we start doing our PM review and at 1500, the round will start again. 3. Round will finish at 1700. Then we will do discharges again up until 1830. Then i will go break my fast. At 1900, i will start doing night review, At 2000, hopefully my review done. I will go back. 4. Tapau some food and usually i reached my home at 2100/ Take my shower, then... around 2130..i will go t sleep and everything start again and again, 24/7. zzzzzz