Daily Schedule

When i think about it, i have this very small and limited daily schedule. Even narrower than before when i was in my holiday.

1. I woke up at 0530 and drive to Hospital at 0600. Arrive at hospital at 0620. Start my morning review at 6.30. Finish it at 8.00.

2. at 8.00 i will went to morning prayer (morning assembly). At 9.00 the round will start. It will last until 11.30 to 12.30. Then we will do discharges up until 1400. Then immediately we start doing our PM review and at 1500, the round will start again.

3. Round will finish at 1700. Then we will do discharges again up until 1830. Then i will go break my fast. At 1900, i will start doing night review, At 2000, hopefully my review done. I will go back.

4. Tapau some food and usually i reached my home at 2100/ Take my shower, then... around 2130..i will go t sleep and everything start again and again, 24/7.



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