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The job will never finish isn't it

Finally i get a sunday off this week after 2 consecutive sunday which i spend 36 hours on call. It was so nice. I woke up at 11 and i don't have anything to do. It is kind of boring but still it is the thing that i've missed so much, the boringness.

Working as a house officer, even though i am new, is so exhilarating. As my colleague Shantene mention to me yesterday when i pass a case to her. "the job will never finish isn't it" she said to me. I am supposed to do my work from 6.30 am until 5pm during holiday including public holiday but yesterday until 5 pm the work did not finish. Just as i thought it is, the nurse keep coming to me and bring me another problem with another patient. Sometimes, i just want to say "Please, be healthy, don't get another problem on top of your current problem".

Blood pressure is my number one enemy. You know why? Because in ONG, if someone came with normal pregnancy you wait, when someone came with fever, you treat, but if someone came with high blood pressure, pretty much you can't do not so many things. Even though you give double or the utmost powerful antihypertensive drugs, the BP can shoot up anytime it want. Just as the patient is sitting and having their lunch or sleeping, the nurse will check their BP and it can goes up to 170/100 mmhg. And eventhough the patient is comfortable, high BP still need to be treated. If not, they will pretty much fitted and that is a medico legal issue.

I was so busy yesterday until i have to do this kind of continues vaginal examination from one patient to another ( i clerk every patient that need to be examine and examine them one shot). Plus, working in hoilday, there will be only four of you watching over 15-20 patient per person. Plus, other colleagues seem to not want to involve in your problem to make it their problem, you have to survive on your own. But not to blame them, it is normal even for me. If i already finish my damn busy job, i won't simply go to my colleagues and said "can i help?' because this will give you another episode of damn busy work. But sometimes, you really need help.

luckily one of my senior colleague did offer his help to me yesterday but pretty much i've finish everything at that time. Just when i was packing my stuff AT 6PM!! ( i did mention that i have to work until 5pm on holiday), a nurse came to me and said " Doctor, one patient CTG (cardiotocograph) not so good". When i immediately attend that patient, SHIT!, it was really really not good. Just a few minutes ago that mother is comfortably talking and smiling to me, now having a fever with tachycardia and the baby inside her having the same thing, bloody shit tachycardia. I am shouting inside of me "i want to go back please!!" but i can't just leave my patient like that when i am the only one around at that time.

So i start to give her hydration, put in left lateral position, take temperature and the most important thing, call my boss to come and see. Luckily my boss that day was a good and lovely doctor, not the fierce type. I did get scold a little because i forgot to took high vaginal swab for her. When my boss came, she just take the HVS, order to give paracetamol to the patient stat, and then she herself has to go and call her boss for management of this patient. That's mean it is a high risk case already.

Luckily my bosss' boss (the specialist) just ask to sent that patient immediately to the labor room for augmentation of labour so that the baby did not get distress for a very long time. If C-section was ordered, it would be another hell of a job to prepare blood, call the GA, call the surgeon and everything i have to handle alone. If sent to labour room as in my case, i just need to call labour room, then ask the nurse to sent the patient to labour room.

But then i have to take septic work up for that patient, blood c&s, BSMP, Urine C&S, Urine FEME, FBC, and you know how many form i have to filled? a lot!

When that patient send to the labour room, i was grabbing my bag to go back when a nurse came to me and said, " doctor, i think that baby cord is infected". DAMN! not at this time. I went to check the baby cord, and there it is sloughing and pus coming out. it's already late, i haven't berbuka puasa, what to do. And at that time i saw shantene, she is the one on call and the person on call was the one who supposed to take over everything after 5pm. I immediately pass the case to her and she said

"the job will never finish isn't it" .... " you can go zaki, you've been busy for the whole day"

Thank you shantene


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