Like a Diary

Oh well. my blog post seem to become like a diary nowadays. I hate it. But i dun have anything else to talk about so that is why my post was all rubbish talking about how hard my life is nowadays. Well, it seem that i can cope with it for a little now so i did enjoy my work now.

Especially today because it's raya day. Haha. Holiday for me. For the first time i did not went back to my hometown during raya. Not because i don't have holiday but i am too tired to go back as it will take me half day of traveling time to go back. If my salary already out i will go back with flight but fyi, i haven't received a single cent from the goverment after working very hard for them for almost 2 months now.

So today is Hari Raya and i am eating mc donald for breakfast. What a life.

Hmm.... so boring alone in my house.

oh, so boring.


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