On Call Review

Who like on call on saturday? No one. It was too long. On call on
weekend or public holiday means you will be working at 8.00 am till
8.00 am without the primary team supporting you.
My on call last night was... err...tiring. But luckily my on call team
was so damn cool. There are 3 of us keeping the Patient admission
centre tight and steady. Our MO on call also super cool. So last night
on call was cool. Haha.

But you know, work never stop during on call. I feel like i am giving
up in the middle of my on call day but i try to hold on and i made it.
So relieved.

I wonder why people choose to go to hospital at 2-3 am in the morning
while you can actually wait until 7 or 8 am. Most patient who come
will be admitted to ward and will be kept for observation for maybe
1-2 days meaning that they can come later mah. haha... i was very
tired clerking patient non stop for 24 hours.

Yesterday, i never took my lunch, and never took my dinner. I was very
hungry until at some point i feel like collapsing. Luckily again,
McDonald was like a savior to us. At 3 am in the morning, i finally
ate my lunch and dinner....

hmm...i was planning a lot of thing for my post call off day. But you
know, in the end i end up sleeping until 5.00 pm and i did not do
anything for the whole sunday. What a waste of time but good to
conserve my energy for tomorrow.

A day will start again tomorrow, i hope everything will be ok.
Everyone deserves their just deserts.



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