Too Phat VS Eminem

Well, i have to make this post, to express myself to the turnover of the music industry. If anyone still remember that there is once when Hip Hop is the main music stream in this world. I remember at that time, if you look to the the west you will hear Eminem spitting his powerful lyrics. When you look to our local music scene, Too Phat was there catching every youth interest in this country.

10 years after, today, both Eminem and Too phat still vibrating in music industry. Listening to both, i start to realize that i am listening to two biggest name in Hip Hop. Eminem as the king of hip hop currently, and not to forget Too Phat has establish their empire here in Asian music culture, and i can say that it is not overreacted if i call Too Phat the King of hip hop in south east asia.

The thing is, i realize that Malique ( too phat recently broke into Malique and Joe flizzow going to their seperate way of music but still maintaing the status of Too Phat), has created a quite different tune of hip hop. The rhyme is not like other rappers who spit rhyme loosely on what they do everyday but malique more on to philosophical aspect of rhyming, and i like it.

Listening to Malique 's song, compare it to Eminem, i believe eminem is going down and Malique is getting better and better.

I guess, it is true that Eminem lack of new thing to say as mentioned by some of the critics, but i can say that Malique, critics can't deny his credibility in rhyming words that make us think and say "that is true".

But don't forget Eminem's Love the way you lie feat Rihanna, this is one good song and lyrics that eminem should maintained to keep people listening to him.

Currently i am listening to Malique new song called Senyum, and masih hip hop feat Joe Flizzow.


  1. eminem is going down ? funniest blog ive ever seen in my life.

  2. Support #jeneralhiphopformalaysia


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