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I miss my past

Thousands thing that i miss so much.... as my life today does not look like a life actually, always tired, always busy, always tired... so sometimes i just sat and think about what i really miss doing in my past... I really miss going out with Pika to Casa Raya and eat our dinner there while watching the television or just talk on whatever we want to talk about, mostly we talk about whatever we did that day. Update ourselves on each other. Miss that. I really miss going out with Pika every weekend from morning until night, spending our time in shopping mall, window shopping as we did not have money during that day. To think about it, i have money now, but i don't know how to spend it. Because everyday, i just work and if i had a day off i just sleep, eat and window shopping again because i don't know what to buy when i am alone. I really miss going out with Pika watching movie. Almost every movie in the cinema we watched every week. I really miss doing my 4th year medical study

My Convocation 2010

Everybody said that convocation happen once in your life, i am hoping for a second. It is possible that something that only can happen once, can happen twice if you really believe in it. So i believe i can. I believe because my 7 days holiday for my graduation did not work as i planned since a long time ago. It started on the first day of my holiday... Thursday 7th October 2010 I woke up as easrly as 7.15 am. i woke up at 10 am usually during my off day but not today. I have a plan. The plan was to meet a few of my friend who is having graduation with me and together we will go together to our university to settle everything before our convo start on 9th of october. I still remember that day was the most happiest day in my life since i start working as a house officer. I woke up with a smile in my face. I shower with a smile in my face. I drive to McDonald Jalan Sulaman with a smile in my face. I can even hear a music playing in my brain. So happy. I met my friend in McDonald, we had b

I miss Raya...again

1. It happen last friday. I was post call. I am so tired walking out from the ICU ( the place where my own call was), and to my surprise that there is a lost of stall and decoration along the corridor to my ward where i supposed to work that day. It was Sambutan Hari Raya for our hospital. 2. I was so happy looking at everyone there wearing traditional baju melayu and baju kurung, cookies everywhere, there is the smell of curry and Peanut sauce, rendang..and the best thing is, there is music playing Hari raya song. I feel like Raya again. 3. I quickly went into my ward and review my patient quickly as i was informed that the celebration will begin at 10 am. Our ward round start at 9. It was slow..damn slow. I want to go to that ceremony at 10. Well,, we did get lucky. At 9.30, our specialist told us to do whatever we want first as she was teaching the MO about master exam short case. I was running with few other colleague to the corridor where the ceremony should be. A lot of people th