I miss Raya...again

1. It happen last friday. I was post call. I am so tired walking out from the ICU ( the place where my own call was), and to my surprise that there is a lost of stall and decoration along the corridor to my ward where i supposed to work that day. It was Sambutan Hari Raya for our hospital.

2. I was so happy looking at everyone there wearing traditional baju melayu and baju kurung, cookies everywhere, there is the smell of curry and Peanut sauce, rendang..and the best thing is, there is music playing Hari raya song. I feel like Raya again.

3. I quickly went into my ward and review my patient quickly as i was informed that the celebration will begin at 10 am. Our ward round start at 9. It was slow..damn slow. I want to go to that ceremony at 10. Well,, we did get lucky. At 9.30, our specialist told us to do whatever we want first as she was teaching the MO about master exam short case. I was running with few other colleague to the corridor where the ceremony should be. A lot of people there. I was so excited. We went to Satay stall and ask for a few satay and i also went to take some Ketupat and peanut sauce. It was at that time all the stall start to close their food and say that we should first enter the hall for the officiating ceremony but then we don't have time for that.

4. It does not matter. We went to our ward first. Planning to go to that ceremony later to eat only. And that was it. Work start coming. All i know i was sitting there holding a very thick patient's case note and try to take as much history from her when my watch showing 12 pm already. After i finish my clerking, i quickly pass over my job to another people with the reason that i want to go to friday prayer and... that is it. When i get to the corridor, everybody was cleaning their stall. Food finished. Ceremony finished. I was there, the last person i guess trying to look for food. Outside i am cool,,inside i was piss off. I really excited about that ceremony but i missed it.

5. With a blunt face, i went to on call room trying to get a shower for myself as i did not bath since morning ( i was on call the nght before). I only slept for 1 hour that night, i was tired, i haven't eat anything accept 3 pieces of satay and a few pieces of ketupat. I went to on call room, one of my colleague was there, she was having a nap or rest i thnk, i went ang get my shower, drop my self on to the bed beside her, then talk and sleep until i woke up at 1.30 pm..and i missed my friday prayer.

It was like, i missed everything on friday. I don't know why. Life is so tiring today.


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