My Convocation 2010

Everybody said that convocation happen once in your life, i am hoping for a second.

It is possible that something that only can happen once, can happen twice if you really believe in it. So i believe i can. I believe because my 7 days holiday for my graduation did not work as i planned since a long time ago.

It started on the first day of my holiday...

Thursday 7th October 2010

I woke up as easrly as 7.15 am. i woke up at 10 am usually during my off day but not today. I have a plan. The plan was to meet a few of my friend who is having graduation with me and together we will go together to our university to settle everything before our convo start on 9th of october.

I still remember that day was the most happiest day in my life since i start working as a house officer. I woke up with a smile in my face. I shower with a smile in my face. I drive to McDonald Jalan Sulaman with a smile in my face. I can even hear a music playing in my brain. So happy.

I met my friend in McDonald, we had breakfast together and together we went to UMS to take our hood and to pay whatever fee they asked us to pay for our graduation ceremony.

when my family arrive at 12 something, i was already in my home doing my laundry. My family stay in their booked apartment in KK city. I remember that we booked that apartment around 3 months ago just for my convocation week. It was not an apartment per say, it is more like a studio room or hotel. So they were there, and i was in my home in Likas doing my laundry. I did not go and join them early because if i do, then my one week laundry will become two week laundry as i was planning to stay for one week there with my family. I was planning for this one week holiday since months ago.

I hate my washing machine. It took hours for it to finish washing all my clothes. But whatever, it was one week holiday, a few hours wasted is nothing for me at that time. So i wait patiently and happily for it to finish.

I went to join my family around 6 pm at night, i was so happy that i can finally having a holiday with my family again. And the difference now is that i have money to treat them well. Not like before i just join them because i want them to treat me. I was so happy that i finally had my own salary.

So i remember that night i was spending them a very beautiful dinner in Secret recipe. The food was nice i did not care ordering expensive food. We can ordered almost everything. To think about it, that is the best part working as a doctor. You are not rich, but pretty sure you can buy what you want.

After dinner, we went to survey likas as that was the only place open until 10.30 pm, almost every shop that sell cloth closed early in KK.

And that night, i was sleeping so comfortably and so happily. I could not describe how happy i am that day.

Friday 8th October 2010

We woke up quit early as i can remember that morning. Have our breakfast in Malindo restaurant, then we went to shopping for the whole day as i can remember. We went to Survey Putatan, then we went to survery Penampang, then we went to KingFisher and i cut my hair there, then we went to One Borneo and later we went to UMS tamu Gadang. This is when all the bad luck happen. We went there on a heavily raining evening, and we bought a grilled fish with us. At that time i was still happy and my family too. We bought that fish and bring it back to our hotel room. We bought plain rice in a restaurant and together we sat in our hotel room eating that grilled fish and to find out that the fish is not cooked well enough. Still i ate a few of it. I was so unhappy because of the uncooked fish. I then eat only a little and went to a small reunion with my friend and the most important thing is, i have a chance to meet with Pika, my long time no see girlfriend. hehe.

I am so happy that night, I met pika, met with other colleagues from Peninsular, and after the small reunion, me and pika went to Sadong jaya. the place where we used to hang out, and drink fruit juice there and ate out favourite grilled lemon chicken there. So happy. Plus, the next day is our convocation day. I feel tired but the tiredness disappear because of my excitement.

Saturday 9th October 2010

Finally it was here. My graduation day. Me and my family woke up so early to prepare for this important day of my life. I finish wearing all my hood and we drove to UMS as early as 7.00 am in the morning. When we reached there, my family was busy buying some flowers and i rush to join all my other friends. Everyone is so happy and busy preparing their hood or taking picture. I remember that my family call me and i did took a picture with them once before i join my friend and get ready to enter the hall. To think about it, that is the only picture i took for that day :-(. I am totally unaware of what is happening later.

When we enter the hall, with music, i feel so proud and happy. Finally the whole 5 years finished with a big ceremony like this. Still unaware of what will happen later. I sat beside Pika and we wait with a smile to go up the stage and take our scroll of honor. So excited.

After all the speeches but TYT and vice chancellor, finally the event started. They call all the postgraduate student first and on that time, everything start to happen.

First, i feel heartburn. I told Pika and she said that i must be hungry at that time and later i should go and eat. I keep it that way. maybe i am hungry. But i remember eating my breakfast that morning and not eating for 24 hours does not cause me hunger pain after i started working as a house officer ( as we always don't have time to eat).

Second, i feel my abdomen gurgling. Now i realize something is really wrong.

Third, I feel cold all of the sudden. I look at my hand, it was pale.

Fourth, I feel nauseated.

Fifth, I feel dizzy like i want to fall.

At that time, my name was call and a person that lead me to the stage said to me "smile please", then i smiled, only for that few seconds of walking through the stages. I don't feel like i am there anymore. I went back to my seat and told Pika that i cannot hold on anymore. I feel like dying. She keeps saying "hold on". I did. And after the event finish, i was so pale and sick. My stomach is killing me. I went immediately to the toilet. After that, i still feel like dying. I just sat on a chair that i can find near me and i almost cannot do anything. Colicky pain is so terrible. I even could not walk because of it.

I was relieved when Pika came to me at that time and with her, i walk down looking for my family. She lead me to my family and then she went back to hers. And when i met my family, the only thing that i can say is "i'm sick, lets go home". We went back leaving UMS, leaving my other colleagues happily taking picture together and laughing together. For me, i just want to go back to our room and lay down. I could not bare it anymore. When we reached our room, i just get to bed shivering and rigor. Put myself under the blanket and i don't remember what happen after that. I slept for a few hours....

When i woke up, it is already evening. I am still weak but i know that if i keep myself like that, i will ruined my holiday. I woke up, eat something, and try to be healthy as i can. I told my mother that we should go on and go somewhere for dinner. But at that time, my father and my sister was having the same symptoms that i had that morning. We all got food poisoning. And it was terrible. And it definitely caused by the grilled fish we bought the night before.

With a little bit of strength, me and my mother when to Centre point KK just a few blocks away from our room and bought a few bottle of mineral water and porridge from mcDonald to eat that night. It was so sad that we can only eat food like that ( we supposed to eat fancy dinner with my first salary everynight). That night, it was total silence. everyone was not well in my family. We sleep only. Doing nothing in our hotel. Toilet is the most frequent place we visit at that night.

Sunday 10th October 2010

We all woke up, feeling a little bit well. The diarrhea was still there but with a little strength and spirit, i try to fight it. I want a perfect sunday after my convocation.

It started well, we had our breakfast and we went to Ever Best Studio for our planned photo shoot session along with Pika and her family. It turn out well. I finally had a chance to meet Pika family and Pika too have met my family. So we all together took our convocation photo happily. And after that, Pika went to sent her brother to UMS (her brother also graduating), and me and my family went back to our hotel for a few minutes then we too went to UMS to take a few phothos there as i did not get to take it the day before because of my health problem.

We went to Sinario cafe for lunch and after that, we went to UMs and meet Pika there. Together with Pika, we all tour around UMS taking picture along the way. I will be missing UMS soon. That day i already miss UMS. The place where i used to stay for 5 years. It was like my second home. I never felt homesick when in UMS. I really felt like home there.

At 4 PM, i send my family back to out hotel room and me and pika together went to book a restaurant for our family dinner later that night. The dinner that we planned along time ago.

Well, that night, it turn out to be well, we all sat together in a big table in Nasi Padang Ibu located in Jesselton point facing the dark blue ocean night, post raining, well so lovely. We sat and ate together, both pika and my family. After dinner, we all take picture, again, in jesselton point. So happy i almost sing a song that night. I feel so comfortable. So warm even it was just raining before that. It still raining a bit after our dinner. Still i feel warm and comfort. I don't know why.

With a smile, getting back too my hotel room with my family, my cats were waiting there, i was so happy and i sleep like a baby that night. Even though sometimes my stomach ached, but i don't care. I still feel comfortabe through the night.

Monday 11th October 2010

Woke up early. Today is my mom appointment in SMC. So we wake up before 8 and went to SMC as planned. Went there, they taken my mom's blood, then we went for breakfast as the result will only available at noon along with my mom appointment with her physician. We had breakfast in Fook Yuen. One chinese restaurant that i love so much to eat. Love the dumplings. After breakfast, we went to a few more places, Pet Store, i even went to Queen elizabeth to take my Payment Slip. Then after that we went back to SMC for my mom appointment with her physician. At that time i still have my diarrhea but still controlable.

In the afternoon, we went to UMS to return my graduation coat and hood. Took my original scroll. Then we went back to our hotel room. My sister had to go our auntie house because of her business and i planned to go out with pika that night but it did not turn out well. Pika was late because of her problem with UMS administration. As usual, UMS always like that. So with a little bit of stomach ache, i accompany my parent to CP to buy some stuff like water, some snacks, and a few more other thing. Then after that around 9.30 pm i finally had a chance to meet pika.

I remember going to Pasar Malam with pika as she want to buy a luggage bag. Just after she bought that bag, my sister call me to fetch her back from my auntie house to our hotel room. I did. Then after that i hang out with pika in McDonald.... but i guess just for few minutes, before her family call asking her to get back to their hotel because her family want to fetch her brother from UMS back to their hotel. I was sad, we finally had a chance to meet and hang out but not more that an hour. A little frustrated. But still, even though i told her not to go back so early, still it was already 11.00 pm. How long can we hang out at late hour like that. What would her family say if i send her back too late at night. Plus i am not really well that night,. Even a smile cause me a great the stomach.

So i send her back to her hotel. I am so sorry for her. I know she is sad because we don't have that much time together after 3 months seperation. But i really don't know what is the best for her that night. I guess spending time with her family would be the best for her.

I too, almost cry. But i did not.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

This is the day when Pika and her family had to return to Kuching. So sad. I woke up at 5 AM in the morning just to send Pika to airport again. After this, i don't know when will i meet her again but i am sure that i will meet her again soon. It is just time that separate us. Not distance. Because distance can be bought by money but time cannot. No one can buy time with money.

So, i believed that this was another sad that for me. The day we part again. After i send Pika to airport, i quickly rushed back to my hotel room. My family still sleeping. I am relieved that even though i part with Pika that morning but still there were my family around. Just like before. So i went to sleep...

A few hours later, i woke up. All my family member recovered from the food poisoning. At least 90% recovered. I still had my stomach ache but i feel fresh. My family was preparing breakfast ( instant noodles as usual if we feel lazy to go anywhere). Just after breakfast, we went to Kundasang, to Tagal, the place where we can swim with the fish. A few hours driving to Ranau, i feel so happy. happy because my family was happy, and happy because i remembered i used to go to Tagal with Pika before. The memory remains.

We reach Tagal at noon. There were so many people there. All are family that having their children graduated in UMS and not they were spending their extra holiday around Sabah, just like us.

For almost an hour we swim with the fish there. So happy. Just before finished, i said to my mom " can this swimming with the fish cure my stomach?".............

It did not.

We were driving back to KK, went to UMS for a while to help retrieved Pika's graduation scroll then we planned to go to Old Town White Coffee to had our dinner when my stomach start to groll and ache. I did manage to bring my family to Wisma Merdeka but then.... there...i could not bare it anymore. The pain return, and i feel so cold. Just like the day of my graduation. This time i don't want to go back to my hotel room anymore. I was sick of my sickness. I straight away asked my family to bring me to a private clinic nearby. Luckily there were private clinic nearby. I paid RM65 for the medication. The antimotility drugs, ORS, antibiotic, and also paracetamol...i was having high grade fever checked by the GP but i am not aware that i am having fever at that time.

Then we went back to our hotel room. My mom just manage to buy chicken rice for our dinner. That night, during our dinner, with my stomach ache and fever, i was so sad. I am planning to bring them to OLD Town, yet ended eating chicken rice in our hotel room. I am so sad. I hate whatever infected me that day. I cursed that virus or bacteria or whatever.

then for the rest of the night, i sleep soundly. The medication did work.

Wednesday 13th October 2010

The last day of my holiday. I woke up feeling much better than last night. My parent also woke up a little late that day. After we all woke up, my parent start preparing breakfast, instant noodle again. But this time i stopped them. Let's go to Old Town White cofee i said. And we did.

I am so happy that finally i manage to bring them there. We ate our breakfast with smile and laughter. So happy. So comforting.

Then i bring my family shopping in centre point. We bought a few things. I bought a clock. I've been thinking of buying a wall clock for my house since a long time ago.

Then we went back to our hotel room. Rest for a few hours. And at that time, i remember that me and my moms sat watching TV and we talk about everything that happen along that 7 day just like what i wrote here in thos blog post. We were rethinking that if we did not do certain things like eating that grilled fish, we might have a better holiday.... It was unpredictable. But we learn our lesson. choose our food wisely.

In the evening, my mother help me pack my stuff. Then i bring my family to eat in Grace Point. There, i ordered grilled fished, but this time i am sure that it was clean. It is expensive but clean. Rm20 per fish compare to Rm8 for a grilled fish that poisoned us.

After dinner, my family send me back to my house. They did went to clean my house a little before they went back to hotel. And after that....that's it. My holiday end.

There is a lot of thing that i regret...i regret eating that fish, i regret did not organized my time so wisely that i can meet pike more often along the holiday. I regret not holding back pika that night when we were in Mcdonald. But along the thing that i regret, i did enjoyed my holiday. It did paint a great memory for me. A bittersweet memory.

But i am hoping that someday, i will had a chance like this again. To spend holiday with my family, meet pike, hang out with her, and i am pretty sure, that day will come and i will take care of my health and not to fall sick again, in a most important day of my life.....


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