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Hyperemesis gravidarum

I feel like vomiting.... Actually i don't know what to write here... really i don't know. I am so blur nowadays. I can't think straight and i always forget everything else. My mind thinking about my job job... i forgot everything else. To think about it again, i should think about something else. I should think about something more than my work. I want to think more on everything else. Oh my god, my morning today was not so great as it started with a news of a patient passed away the night before. Patient that i clerk and take care for 1 month, plus a few days when i am on call. just to think about it, she passed away just like that. But i feel her pain, she use to say that she is enough with her illness and she said that she is tired. Well, i guess that was because she's anemic. My last encounter with her was because her Hb was 4 something. Then i did not see her again and never will. She died suffocating. Unable to breathe. Reason...could be s


I can't believe i just walk to a mall and 5 minutes later i bought a RM200 pair of shoes. I can't believe i am driving my own car paid by my own sweats. I can't believe that i am talking to patients.. I can't believe i am the one who signs their log book now. I can't believe all of this haha. Still remember the day before that all of this was just a was just a dream. It was a dream no more.