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Sherlock Holmes

Well. Today is my movie day again as usual. Menu for tonight is The Darkest Hour. Hmmm. Did I mention that the second Sherlock Holmes movie is not bad. I did not sleep through out the movie. But still, I don't really think that the movie is that good. Well. I hope the darkest hour can bring some changes in my movie exprience. I'm tired of bad movie. Other than that, I want to talk about iphone vs samsung galaxy. I can tell u that apple is lame now compare to android phone especially samsung galaxy. Oh my god the Galaxy S2 is so terrific. And if you want to compare ipad with... Can't compare anymore. Just look at the new Galaxy note. So brilliant. Even galaxy tab defeat the ipad 2. Now with galaxy note I don't know what to say. I'm supposed to talk about movie and not techno stuff. Haha. Okay. I'm going to enjoy or not enjoy the movie now. Sincere. Sent by DiGi from my BlackBerry® Smartphone

Mission Impossible Ghost protocol

After a long year without any significant movie to talk about, finally there is something by the end of this year that can be a memorable movie of 2011. The muppets by the way is a fine movie. It was not suck at all. It's alright. If you want to bring your friend just for fun, the muppets is not a wrong movie to watch. The story is simple to understand. The jokes can make me smile ( my threshold to a joke is so high until I usually just pretend to laugh to jokes around me.. Oops... No offense). The jokes in this movie is not too stupid that is why I smile a little with it. I cannot tolerate stupid jokes like someone stepping into a hole or make a stupid face. No. The muppets is certainly not the movie of the year. The movie of the year 2011 I guess is Mission Impossible Ghost protocol. This movie, as a sequence of the previous movie, keeps making audience thrilled and involved in the movie till the end. There is no unnecessary conversation or act. There is no pause in th

So non productive

Am I? I make pretty much enough money for me every end of the month, but i still think that i am not productive. I am going to the Type A lifestyle. Work, sleep, have money. I want to do something outside from my jobscope. Maybe taking pictures...nah, i dont have much time seeing around the world. most of my time stranded inside a hospital watching a beautiful scenery from the window.. So i am looking for a project that i can do along with my time restricted job but i still can't find what it is.. tired thinking of it.

The Muppet? Haven't finish watching it.

I guess I have to catch up on watching movie. Previously I watch a lot of movie and review every movie that I saw. Well, now I am kind of slowing down. Too busy at work maybe. So what movie that I watched recently? I guess I watch In Time starring Justin Timberlake and I gave it watchable but pretty stupid but interesting. Haha. Then I watch Real steel - boring.... But must watch. the adventure of tin tin - sleep after 15 minutes watching. Twilight breaking dawn - Gay. Petaling Street warrior - hmm, nice but what the hell is they are trying to show. Sexy women, the history, the jokes or.. I don't know. Most of the time the story lost it focus. The muppets... Watching now while I'm blogging here. Haha. Blackberry sure make my blogging easy. Sent by DiGi from my BlackBerry® Smartphone

Malique Aku Maafkan Kamu

During the trip to Sarikei, I heard this song in the radio... Well, the first time listening to this song i already think that this song was a good song. Ok. Why do i say this is a good song? Most people say it is sucks, the voice of Jamal Abdillah in this song is awkward and lame, hip hop is dead, or maybe someone would say this is not a music at all, it is just a guy talking nonsense. Haha... you are being nonsense. For those who speak fluent Bahasa Melayu would know that this is a piece of literature. It is an art. Rarely you will see a hip hop artist doing something like this. Most hip hip artist will speak about where they go (club), where they live (crib), what they wear, what they drink, and party. Malique though, bring another set of perspective into hip hop, a view from the literature part of lyrical world. The last time i listen to a poem turn into song is by Kopratasa, and yes most song lyrics have some element of poetry inside it but it does not goes into the level of sinki

I Am Engaged Now

Yes, i am engaged.. 5 days holiday and more than 1000 km journey, now i am engaged to my beloved girlfriend which i can call my fiancee now. Hehe. It has been a long time since i wrote anything here. Well, i am now more on talking about myself intead of talking about my thought and idea like i used to do before. Sorry, but my brain is running slow nowadays or maybe i just don't have enough time to think. So many work to do, so less time to spend on myself. I just want to say here that i never get tired or bored with Kuching, Sarawak. I love that town enviroment, people, food, culture and places. So many places that i can visit and never get bored. I just don't know why. For those who like to travel and experience the real culture of borneo, don't go to Sabah cause in Sabah you can enjoy more on modern life of borneo people or i can say enjoy the highland and the mixture of non-malaysian and malaysian. I believe you can't see the real culture of borneo people in Sabah ca

A Day In Orthopaedic

Orthopaedic posting is by far the best posting I ever had. During that time, we have a lot of free time to spend. As usual, the day started at 6.30 am or earlier. Round started so early in orthopaedic. Sometime 7.00 am the round already started. So as house officer in ortho, u must come early. The round usually finish before 8.30. After round finish we will do our ward work and by 11.00 am all thing settled. So we usually went for breakfast at that time. (Repeated... Breakfast). By 2 pm we usually do our PM review and nothing much. Most of the thing that we want to settle in ortho is the operation, of its done then its done. Not so much changes like in Medical. By 3pm Mo oncall will come and just eye balling all the cases. Only occasionally specialist come and do round in the afternoon. Of they come in the morning then they will not come in the afternoon. By 4 everything settled. We can either go back at 4.30pm or just chit chat and wait until 5pm. I have so

Where is my direction?

When I'm driving inside my car from Hospital to my house this morning, i stumble upon a question inside my head. What thing that i actually good at? yes, i am a doctor, but am i a good and brilliant one? I don't think so. there is a lot of my colleague which is better than me... I can play music such as guitar, but i am not a guitarist.. i play few song, and lot of my friend burn the guitar with their skills. I can sing but my voice worse than my guitar skill. I can drive, but i drive at 60km per hour, and few months ago i still scratch my front bumper skirt of my car. I was good at computer, but the pace it too face, everything changes, now i now nothing about computer. I just know how to use it. I may able to fix it but I frequently mess up everything nowadays cause all the component of the computer is getting smaller and delicate. Easy to break compare to before. Hardware is not that hard today. I am worse at taking picture so i cannot be a photographer. I am not that good a

The Memory Remains...

1. Ah, so lazy to wake up in the morning and then have to go to work. 2. So tired every evening going back late from work. 3. Everyday the cycle continues, there is a lot more thing lies ahead. 4. I miss those day when Me and her always complain that we have no money, we went to oneborneo just want to spend our time sitting and talking and if we want to buy something, we buy something at Giant. We can afford to eat in that mall. We even cannot afford to park our car inside that mall. 5. We walk across the road just to eat in a cheap restaurant. Once a while we went and buy ice cream at McDonalds. Sunday cone... the cheapest ice cream among all other ice cream there. 6. We share our money to buy petrol for my car so that we can go somewhere we want to go. But we only go around town. cause we don't have enough money to go further than that. 7. Sometimes we just sit in our own room, and chat using yahoo messenger. We were saving our lunch money so we can buy someting nice for dinner l

HO Shift System,

1.So we started shift system today.Until now nothing seem to be happening. Same same. 2. A lot of people opposed this idea of introducing shift system. I am neutral about it. My girlfriend started to work shift since month ago and nothing seem to be a problem for her. Plus she said that she had more time to go to bank and apply for multiple loan after shift system was introduced. 3. I am not pro Shift system either. For me the usual system of oncall did not bring much problem to me. It always keep me busy and sometime i complain a lot about it. But after complete all the on call i will always feel full of myself. 4. I believe people are to afraid of changes. It was a drastic changes when you suddenly change your timing of work. feel like everything will collapse. But maybe, it is better than before. 5. Human nature is always like that. Afraid of changes. We are similar to cat actually. Cat hate changes. They prefer playing the same thing all over again for the rest of their life. The d

Fuh... 2 days away from wotk

1. @ days away from work is like a heavenly thing that can happen to me. I have been suffering doing female unit one rotation for the past few weeks. For your information, the medical unit 1 rotation is the hell in medicine. No time to breakfast, no time to rest, no time for lunch, there is only time for dinner when you went back home around 8 pm at night. 2. Today, i am having my breakfast ( i forgot when is the last time i had my breakfast) in Mee Sapi Haji Salleh near Satok, Kuching. Kuching is kind of my gate to get away from my routine stress life. I had Sushi for lunch plus Fried Durian. Fried Durian? This is also new to me. But it was so delicious. So delicious until i cannot describe how delicious it is. For those who like durian, they must crave for this thing. It is actually a frozen durian which is wrap inside a popia dough and it was fried immediately and the durian inside will melt but stil remains cold so when you bite you have this hot and cold experience in your mouth.

Tribute To Metallica

1. I am not a metal man. I love all kind of music. Just that i need to talk about metallica. I don't know why but i believe they deserved to call the best ever rock band in the world. 2. I believe a lot of people are inspired to play guitar because of metallica. yes you do. And i did too. Metallica has inspired me to learn something on music particular guitar. I can play a little bit of guitar because of metallica. 3. If you see other rock band playing concert or anything, you would not feel the same way when you look at metallica playing live on stage. Their skills in music is superb. Maybe because they are into this kind of stuff for a very long time so they know what they are doing. 4. You can easily tell the different when a rock band play live compare to the one in their CD but when you listen to metallica, whether live or in CD, they soun almost the same. How can do it? They are too skillfull i think. 5

Proton Service centre

I've been thinking on how can i go and service my car for the first 10000km if i am too busy doing ward work 7 days in a week. I was thinking, let me give a try, open up google search and search for proton service centre around kota kinabalu. To my surprise and naivety, there is actually a lot of proton service center here in Kota kinabalu but not many know where it is. There is even one branch located near my working area. So it is done. I just went and service my car and it took me only around 30 minutes compare to when i went to Inanam big branch which take me around 1 hour to wait for it. So, for those who did not know ( a lot of us did not know as i was asking everyone and they keep answering me that the place to service my car is in Inanam) there is a proton service center in Kepayan, Bundusan, and Sadong jaya. The one in Kepayan is the one i went just now and it was nice as there is not many people going to service their car there. anyway, feel so relieved after servicing my

Finishing ortho

I finished orthopedic posting and now going to medical posting next. I am looking forward to work in medical department. For now, i am in my holiday for 5 days. I want to spend it as much as i could. It has been a long time since i have this opportunity. to do whatever i want and do nothing because i want to.


Just finish OT at 7 pm just now. So tired. Ate my dinner and lay myself on my bed watching a soft copy of Avatar in my laptop. This bring back some sweet memory in my life. The movie went out during my final year in medical school. At that time, the only good movie i ever watched is transformer 1. Me and my girlfriend always had a different opinion about movies that we watched. I like one kind of movie and she don't. We always argue regarding which movie is the best. When avatar officially out ( i think it was thursday), and guess what, me and my girlfriend went and watch a malay movie entitled 'Pisau cukur' instead. I believe that my expectation regarding good cgi movie is optimum in transformer. So I thought that avatar would not beat that. The next day (friday), my girlfriend and I finally bought a ticket to watch Avatar. I insist her to go (she actually didn't want to go as Avatar is a science fiction film which she did not like the most). Finally both of us stuck i

Kung Fu Panda 2

Nothing much to say about this movie, same old panda, same old kung fu style. That is all. I gave this movie 2.5 star out of 5. I don't really enjoy the movie as i expected. The jokes sometimes can make me smile, and giggle, but not enough to make me LOL. Humm, i guess time after time, my sense and taste about a movie is disappearing. I remember last time I used to enjoy all kind of movie but now, i watched variety of movie and 2/3 of it i hated so much. Did human civilisation seize on new fresh idea today. No one invented a good movie anymore. Humm.... By the way, if you are 13 years old and above, or a university student who usually excited on everything, you can watch this movie i guess. But if you are like me, longing for a fresh new idea and level of standard in movie, please wait until the dvd come out or else.... download it.. Stop Piracy!!!


I had some discussion with my friend regarding vegetarian pork. Well some people having different opinion regarding this matter. As usual, most people would classified it because of its name which is pork. I have different opinion regarding this. Vegetarian pork have nothing to do with pork at all. It was made from flour and some of it made from tofu. It does not taste like pork after all according to some of my chinese friends. So what is it that I cannot eat this tofu? weird isn't it. Same as when people introduced halal beer, it does not taste like beer, it is malta kind of thing after all. The fault is to those who named this kind of stuff. It is confusing. Why don't they just call that halal beer 'fermented barley or fermented wheat drink' so that people did not confused it with beer. Or else just call that vegie pork 'sweet sour tofu'. Maybe people would not judge people for eating it then. But what to do, it is hard right if for example you invented somet

MH Mobile check in

Well now Malaysia airlines also have mobile check in. I don't know either MAS or Airasia started it first but i do know how to use it in Air asia because i frequently travel with air asia. When Airasia ticket shoot up and MAS provide me a cheaper alternative, then i choose MAS for sure. So if in AirAsia, i usually download my mobile ticket barcode and scan it at the airport and get my boarding pass with it. But it is different in MAS (i am talking about Malaysia Airline Airport in Kota Kinabalu). I guess they did not have that machine yet to scan my 2d barcode. So i ask the counter and they said i just need to bring my phone to the boarding gate and show it to the people there. Well, i am sitting now waiting for my flight, i hope they are telling me the truth. Because i don't want any problem with my flight later. It is so embarassing if the deny my entry to the flight later. Hmm, think positively, i already have my seats number and boarding gate number in my MHmobile barcode s

Money! Money!

Listening to few of my friends regarding house investment. Buy a house, rent it to others, wait until the price shoot up, and sell it. Sound fun but... i have no money to get start with. I don't know how can a doctor that work less than 1 year have so much money to buy a house? I try to save almost a thousand per month still i could not get one. Plus i am planning to get married and that make me more uncapable of joining their trend in house investment. How? How? I want to know how can they manage their wealth so easily? Is my salary different from them..? When i think about it then i realize... i am born in a middle class working family. My mom is a full time housewife and i salute both of my parent because they manage to save money for my education... after my is up to me to find my own money. So i am like starting fresh when i start working as a doctor. Not like others who start working with 10-20 K of saving money in the bank from their parents. Not like them. So

How much you pay for a wedding?

When i look up into my wallet, there are 2 pieces of RM10 notes and few RM1 notes and i am 10 feet away from the wedding ceremony house. The bride and the bridegroom already there smiling to me, awaiting me to come and i still calculating how much should i gave them? How much do i need to pay. My housemate jokes at me, we pay how much we eat there. It's funny and does not make sense. haha. But a good laugh is always the best. Almost all race in malaysia oblige you to give a present for any wedding. You must not come empty handed. You must at least give some 'ang pow' or present in a form of kitchen utensil or some household stuff. The reason being that this will help the couple to start their new life together as you can see, wedding is a lot of money. They need some support from everyone. Nowadays, people don't like to give present anymore. They like to give money as this is much easier to plan later. Imagine if you give a whole set of glass or cup to a wedding couple,

Oncall with a bless

My onkol last night was a bless. I was so unhappy because my family came on friday and we were like trying enjoy our time since this is the last appointment of my mother here in kk but I'm on call. Plus my mother gastric problem also resolving and that was a relieve. So on last friday I checked out from work early and went and meet my family. I brought them to Grace point. So unlucky because the food was terrible. The next morning, we woke up early and went to smc for my mom to take blood there. Then we went to old town white coffee and have a lovely breakfast there. After that my mom went for her appt. Then a non stop shopping until night. At night, I brought my family to tanjung aru to have a wonderful dinner. That night, I was in a down mood because I ave to go oncall the next day. Luckily as I mention in the title, my oncall is a bless. Only one admission. So nice.

My sister engagement party..

im in a taxi now just back from labuan attending my sister engagement ceremony.. it was nice and so pack.. it was more like a party at night as my sister friends came to karoke and ate my own home cook kenny rogers. well, now i have to be back to work as usual tomorrow.. so lazy, just work for 8 months and i am this lazy already.. how to get my spirit up?

Nurse vs doctor

When you are a medical student, nurse is one of your best teacher, even if you become a doctor. Somehow, when you become a house officer or for those who do not know, provisional doctor, nurses somehow can be your best friend and your enemy. I have work in ONG department where nurses is much more important than you as midwives play the main role in conducting deliveries and doctor only work in cases other than normal pregnancy, and as you all can see, normal pregnancy is much more higher in incidence compare to the abnormal one (if not then why we have 6 billions human in this whole world today). In ONG, i can tell that the nurses were very skillful and basically do almost everything for you. You as a helping hand to them, somehow in the end make their job easy and as a reward if you do your best to help them, they will make your life as easy as possible through out your work. However, things are getting ugly in other department somehow. I used to heard from my other friend that the nu

Hobby? Any Suggestion?

Im on call today..wahahhaha.. Guess what? I am leaving this department and im kind of relieved. In the end, i learn a lot from ONG, a lot more than other housemen i guess who completed their posting in 4 months and leave without assessment. I know how to scan, i know how to IOL, i know how to do almost everything but not everything per say. There is a lot more thing that i can learn in the future. But i don't want to talk about that, i want to talk about my on call today. So nice because there is not much patient that want to deliver currently. Hmm.. Me and aron are leaving soon.. i want leave this department so much. I don't know what i am talking about. haha... There is nothing much interesting to day currently. Maybe later... I am planning to make a new hobby but still, i don't know which hobby is the best for me...

Last Night On Call

Fun... because there is not much happen ing in the ward. Just chilling out doing my On call review and having fun looking at post partum psychosis patient. I pity her though but what to do, i keep smiling looking at her abnormal behaviour. I was really shock when her family start saying that medicine will not cure her disease, and start to believe the security guard whom said that the patient have 3 demons inside her. I was like...what? You believe that guard and we struggling here trying to help the patient. We gave everything that we can, haloperidol, lorazepam, but after 30 minutes only she started to sleep. I don't know, but hard to change people mentality regarding this 'rasuk' or possesses by demon stuff. It is clearly a psychosis. A evidence based science. Still, people believe ghost or demon which control those patient with psychosis. What to do, I can't do anything about it. Just keep sitting and observing that patient behaviour. hmm.. its kind of fun.

So tired

i am so tired this week. Working in oncology ward for 2 days then thrown to Gynae ward, then to PAC and quite a few times thrown to clinic. I don't know why in the end, the more senior i became, the more work i have to do. Previously, when i started working in this department, i am the one who are doing the most work as all my senior always said, the more work you do, the more experience you get. But i believe new people coming into this department did not really do enough work. Some of them yes..but some of them try to avoid work, difficult work. I remember last time, my senior always call all of us the junior and 'sound' us nicely when we did something wrong or we are doing nothing at all. I still remember my senior 'sound' me because i did not help him to refer paeds and prepare ABG when there was a case of vacuum delivery due to fetal distress... Are we too soft to them? I believe i never scold my junior before. Even i tell them nicely, they won't listen and