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Last Night On Call

Fun... because there is not much happen ing in the ward. Just chilling out doing my On call review and having fun looking at post partum psychosis patient. I pity her though but what to do, i keep smiling looking at her abnormal behaviour. I was really shock when her family start saying that medicine will not cure her disease, and start to believe the security guard whom said that the patient have 3 demons inside her. I was like...what? You believe that guard and we struggling here trying to help the patient. We gave everything that we can, haloperidol, lorazepam, but after 30 minutes only she started to sleep. I don't know, but hard to change people mentality regarding this 'rasuk' or possesses by demon stuff. It is clearly a psychosis. A evidence based science. Still, people believe ghost or demon which control those patient with psychosis. What to do, I can't do anything about it. Just keep sitting and observing that patient behaviour. hmm.. its kind of fun.

So tired

i am so tired this week. Working in oncology ward for 2 days then thrown to Gynae ward, then to PAC and quite a few times thrown to clinic. I don't know why in the end, the more senior i became, the more work i have to do. Previously, when i started working in this department, i am the one who are doing the most work as all my senior always said, the more work you do, the more experience you get. But i believe new people coming into this department did not really do enough work. Some of them yes..but some of them try to avoid work, difficult work. I remember last time, my senior always call all of us the junior and 'sound' us nicely when we did something wrong or we are doing nothing at all. I still remember my senior 'sound' me because i did not help him to refer paeds and prepare ABG when there was a case of vacuum delivery due to fetal distress... Are we too soft to them? I believe i never scold my junior before. Even i tell them nicely, they won't listen