So tired

i am so tired this week. Working in oncology ward for 2 days then thrown to Gynae ward, then to PAC and quite a few times thrown to clinic.

I don't know why in the end, the more senior i became, the more work i have to do. Previously, when i started working in this department, i am the one who are doing the most work as all my senior always said, the more work you do, the more experience you get. But i believe new people coming into this department did not really do enough work. Some of them yes..but some of them try to avoid work, difficult work.

I remember last time, my senior always call all of us the junior and 'sound' us nicely when we did something wrong or we are doing nothing at all. I still remember my senior 'sound' me because i did not help him to refer paeds and prepare ABG when there was a case of vacuum delivery due to fetal distress...

Are we too soft to them? I believe i never scold my junior before. Even i tell them nicely, they won't listen and they keep doing their thing like we were never there to be existed.

Well, i guess i am not that type of person who are strict with the young ones. I just hope that my junior know that they need to gather more experience by doing work thus puting us into a position which is less work compare to them. But i guess, they never will.

Anyway, who am i to say this kind of stuff. I too myself need to learn more, try not make mistake, try to be perfect in managing my patient. But we are only human, we can't afford to not make a mistake. So what to do?


  1. u sounded like a freaking senior!!! lulz

    hehe. medic memang cam tu kowt, ape lagi kalo dah jadi doktor, nak bukak buku tak sempat, memang guru seorang doktor adalah senior doktor!

    i loike residents here, mereka slalu kalo ade benda mereka tak tau, mereka tak gebang/opai/bohong/tipu/kelentong.
    mereka akan cakap "kita sama-sama belajar ya dik. bisa saja kalian tau perkara yang saya tidak tahu"

    see, they put away their ego, for the sake of knowledge ^_^

    even some consultants pun slalu cakap, "if u guys find anything that contradict to what i understand, don't hesitate to tell me."


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