Hobby? Any Suggestion?

Im on call today..wahahhaha..

Guess what? I am leaving this department and im kind of relieved. In the end, i learn a lot from ONG, a lot more than other housemen i guess who completed their posting in 4 months and leave without assessment. I know how to scan, i know how to IOL, i know how to do almost everything but not everything per say. There is a lot more thing that i can learn in the future.

But i don't want to talk about that, i want to talk about my on call today. So nice because there is not much patient that want to deliver currently.

Hmm.. Me and aron are leaving soon.. i want leave this department so much.

I don't know what i am talking about. haha...

There is nothing much interesting to day currently. Maybe later...

I am planning to make a new hobby but still, i don't know which hobby is the best for me...


  1. hobby? u try first only then u decide lah.
    kalau kau decide tp kau blm pernah, cam ko nak hobi melukis, tapi ko tak nah melukis, cam na ko taw ko enjoy melukis dan boleh melukis? =.="

    skrg kan cam tgh trend dslr + photoshop-after? namau try? hehe.

    ko try golf kah? diving? climbing? bicycling?
    atau mengumpul stem? XDDD

    aku pun ada hobi baru, painting, singing, and digital photography non-dslr (sbb ndak mampu yg dslr), dan jalan2?


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