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My sister engagement party..

im in a taxi now just back from labuan attending my sister engagement ceremony.. it was nice and so pack.. it was more like a party at night as my sister friends came to karoke and ate my own home cook kenny rogers. well, now i have to be back to work as usual tomorrow.. so lazy, just work for 8 months and i am this lazy already.. how to get my spirit up?

Nurse vs doctor

When you are a medical student, nurse is one of your best teacher, even if you become a doctor. Somehow, when you become a house officer or for those who do not know, provisional doctor, nurses somehow can be your best friend and your enemy. I have work in ONG department where nurses is much more important than you as midwives play the main role in conducting deliveries and doctor only work in cases other than normal pregnancy, and as you all can see, normal pregnancy is much more higher in incidence compare to the abnormal one (if not then why we have 6 billions human in this whole world today). In ONG, i can tell that the nurses were very skillful and basically do almost everything for you. You as a helping hand to them, somehow in the end make their job easy and as a reward if you do your best to help them, they will make your life as easy as possible through out your work. However, things are getting ugly in other department somehow. I used to heard from my other friend that the nu