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MH Mobile check in

Well now Malaysia airlines also have mobile check in. I don't know either MAS or Airasia started it first but i do know how to use it in Air asia because i frequently travel with air asia. When Airasia ticket shoot up and MAS provide me a cheaper alternative, then i choose MAS for sure. So if in AirAsia, i usually download my mobile ticket barcode and scan it at the airport and get my boarding pass with it. But it is different in MAS (i am talking about Malaysia Airline Airport in Kota Kinabalu). I guess they did not have that machine yet to scan my 2d barcode. So i ask the counter and they said i just need to bring my phone to the boarding gate and show it to the people there. Well, i am sitting now waiting for my flight, i hope they are telling me the truth. Because i don't want any problem with my flight later. It is so embarassing if the deny my entry to the flight later. Hmm, think positively, i already have my seats number and boarding gate number in my MHmobile barcod

Money! Money!

Listening to few of my friends regarding house investment. Buy a house, rent it to others, wait until the price shoot up, and sell it. Sound fun but... i have no money to get start with. I don't know how can a doctor that work less than 1 year have so much money to buy a house? I try to save almost a thousand per month still i could not get one. Plus i am planning to get married and that make me more uncapable of joining their trend in house investment. How? How? I want to know how can they manage their wealth so easily? Is my salary different from them..? When i think about it then i realize... i am born in a middle class working family. My mom is a full time housewife and i salute both of my parent because they manage to save money for my education... after my is up to me to find my own money. So i am like starting fresh when i start working as a doctor. Not like others who start working with 10-20 K of saving money in the bank from their parents. Not like the

How much you pay for a wedding?

When i look up into my wallet, there are 2 pieces of RM10 notes and few RM1 notes and i am 10 feet away from the wedding ceremony house. The bride and the bridegroom already there smiling to me, awaiting me to come and i still calculating how much should i gave them? How much do i need to pay. My housemate jokes at me, we pay how much we eat there. It's funny and does not make sense. haha. But a good laugh is always the best. Almost all race in malaysia oblige you to give a present for any wedding. You must not come empty handed. You must at least give some 'ang pow' or present in a form of kitchen utensil or some household stuff. The reason being that this will help the couple to start their new life together as you can see, wedding is a lot of money. They need some support from everyone. Nowadays, people don't like to give present anymore. They like to give money as this is much easier to plan later. Imagine if you give a whole set of glass or cup to a wedding c

Oncall with a bless

My onkol last night was a bless. I was so unhappy because my family came on friday and we were like trying enjoy our time since this is the last appointment of my mother here in kk but I'm on call. Plus my mother gastric problem also resolving and that was a relieve. So on last friday I checked out from work early and went and meet my family. I brought them to Grace point. So unlucky because the food was terrible. The next morning, we woke up early and went to smc for my mom to take blood there. Then we went to old town white coffee and have a lovely breakfast there. After that my mom went for her appt. Then a non stop shopping until night. At night, I brought my family to tanjung aru to have a wonderful dinner. That night, I was in a down mood because I ave to go oncall the next day. Luckily as I mention in the title, my oncall is a bless. Only one admission. So nice.