How much you pay for a wedding?

When i look up into my wallet, there are 2 pieces of RM10 notes and few RM1 notes and i am 10 feet away from the wedding ceremony house. The bride and the bridegroom already there smiling to me, awaiting me to come and i still calculating how much should i gave them? How much do i need to pay.

My housemate jokes at me, we pay how much we eat there. It's funny and does not make sense. haha. But a good laugh is always the best.

Almost all race in malaysia oblige you to give a present for any wedding. You must not come empty handed. You must at least give some 'ang pow' or present in a form of kitchen utensil or some household stuff. The reason being that this will help the couple to start their new life together as you can see, wedding is a lot of money. They need some support from everyone.

Nowadays, people don't like to give present anymore. They like to give money as this is much easier to plan later. Imagine if you give a whole set of glass or cup to a wedding couple, what you did not know is 4 more guests gave the same thing. So, if you give money, they obviously can buy whatever they want later.

But how much is the questions. In some chinese wedding ceremony, the guest can give up to rm500-rm1000. They usually did this to show how much profit they have or just to show off. While in malay wedding ceremony, usual 'ang pow' is rm5-rm50 only.
In indian wedding..i am not really sure cause i never went to one but i love to try. Just waiting for some of my indian friend to get married.

In conclusion, it depend on which race the bride and bridegroom are. Malay, dusun, chinese, indian, brunei, kad, murut, iban, and so much more, you must know their prices. Try to be there if they invite you to their wedding cause this might be a good opportunity to experiece other culture. Just make sure you bring enough money in your wallet.

And what if the bride is a malay and bridegroom is a chinese? hmmm....


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