MH Mobile check in

Well now Malaysia airlines also have mobile check in. I don't know either MAS or Airasia started it first but i do know how to use it in Air asia because i frequently travel with air asia. When Airasia ticket shoot up and MAS provide me a cheaper alternative, then i choose MAS for sure.

So if in AirAsia, i usually download my mobile ticket barcode and scan it at the airport and get my boarding pass with it. But it is different in MAS (i am talking about Malaysia Airline Airport in Kota Kinabalu). I guess they did not have that machine yet to scan my 2d barcode. So i ask the counter and they said i just need to bring my phone to the boarding gate and show it to the people there. Well, i am sitting now waiting for my flight, i hope they are telling me the truth. Because i don't want any problem with my flight later. It is so embarassing if the deny my entry to the flight later.

Hmm, think positively, i already have my seats number and boarding gate number in my MHmobile barcode so i guess no problem with it. meaning that i already confirm to board the flight. We'll see later.

Hmm... travelling.... if i am not on call, i'm flying somewhere. So nice life i got here.


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