Money! Money!

Listening to few of my friends regarding house investment. Buy a house, rent it to others, wait until the price shoot up, and sell it. Sound fun but... i have no money to get start with.

I don't know how can a doctor that work less than 1 year have so much money to buy a house? I try to save almost a thousand per month still i could not get one. Plus i am planning to get married and that make me more uncapable of joining their trend in house investment.

How? How?

I want to know how can they manage their wealth so easily? Is my salary different from them..?

When i think about it then i realize... i am born in a middle class working family. My mom is a full time housewife and i salute both of my parent because they manage to save money for my education... after my is up to me to find my own money.

So i am like starting fresh when i start working as a doctor. Not like others who start working with 10-20 K of saving money in the bank from their parents. Not like them.

So i can considered my self a total independent guy who stand on my own feet. Proud of myself. Hehe... plus i can give financial support to my parent.

Maybe it will be a little slow for me to catch up in investing my money, but what did they said.. bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Working your own sweats is sweeter than anything else...


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