Oncall with a bless

My onkol last night was a bless. I was so unhappy because my family came on friday and we were like trying enjoy our time since this is the last appointment of my mother here in kk but I'm on call. Plus my mother gastric problem also resolving and that was a relieve.

So on last friday I checked out from work early and went and meet my family. I brought them to Grace point. So unlucky because the food was terrible.

The next morning, we woke up early and went to smc for my mom to take blood there. Then we went to old town white coffee and have a lovely breakfast there. After that my mom went for her appt. Then a non stop shopping until night.

At night, I brought my family to tanjung aru to have a wonderful dinner.

That night, I was in a down mood because I ave to go oncall the next day.

Luckily as I mention in the title, my oncall is a bless. Only one admission. So nice.


  1. Anonymous6:36 am

    You read right?
    Mobsters read?
    RON HEVENER was the first to turn on the QUEEN and MOB.
    That's just " beautiful" for our movie " KANSAS KINGS".
    We now all have that common bond of " HATEFACE"!
    Somebody got the number of ACCOC?


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