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Kung Fu Panda 2

Nothing much to say about this movie, same old panda, same old kung fu style. That is all. I gave this movie 2.5 star out of 5. I don't really enjoy the movie as i expected. The jokes sometimes can make me smile, and giggle, but not enough to make me LOL. Humm, i guess time after time, my sense and taste about a movie is disappearing. I remember last time I used to enjoy all kind of movie but now, i watched variety of movie and 2/3 of it i hated so much. Did human civilisation seize on new fresh idea today. No one invented a good movie anymore. Humm.... By the way, if you are 13 years old and above, or a university student who usually excited on everything, you can watch this movie i guess. But if you are like me, longing for a fresh new idea and level of standard in movie, please wait until the dvd come out or else.... download it.. Stop Piracy!!!


I had some discussion with my friend regarding vegetarian pork. Well some people having different opinion regarding this matter. As usual, most people would classified it because of its name which is pork. I have different opinion regarding this. Vegetarian pork have nothing to do with pork at all. It was made from flour and some of it made from tofu. It does not taste like pork after all according to some of my chinese friends. So what is it that I cannot eat this tofu? weird isn't it. Same as when people introduced halal beer, it does not taste like beer, it is malta kind of thing after all. The fault is to those who named this kind of stuff. It is confusing. Why don't they just call that halal beer 'fermented barley or fermented wheat drink' so that people did not confused it with beer. Or else just call that vegie pork 'sweet sour tofu'. Maybe people would not judge people for eating it then. But what to do, it is hard right if for example you invented