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Finishing ortho

I finished orthopedic posting and now going to medical posting next. I am looking forward to work in medical department. For now, i am in my holiday for 5 days. I want to spend it as much as i could. It has been a long time since i have this opportunity. to do whatever i want and do nothing because i want to.


Just finish OT at 7 pm just now. So tired. Ate my dinner and lay myself on my bed watching a soft copy of Avatar in my laptop. This bring back some sweet memory in my life. The movie went out during my final year in medical school. At that time, the only good movie i ever watched is transformer 1. Me and my girlfriend always had a different opinion about movies that we watched. I like one kind of movie and she don't. We always argue regarding which movie is the best. When avatar officially out ( i think it was thursday), and guess what, me and my girlfriend went and watch a malay movie entitled 'Pisau cukur' instead. I believe that my expectation regarding good cgi movie is optimum in transformer. So I thought that avatar would not beat that. The next day (friday), my girlfriend and I finally bought a ticket to watch Avatar. I insist her to go (she actually didn't want to go as Avatar is a science fiction film which she did not like the most). Finally both of us stuck i