Just finish OT at 7 pm just now. So tired. Ate my dinner and lay myself on my bed watching a soft copy of Avatar in my laptop.

This bring back some sweet memory in my life.

The movie went out during my final year in medical school. At that time, the only good movie i ever watched is transformer 1. Me and my girlfriend always had a different opinion about movies that we watched. I like one kind of movie and she don't. We always argue regarding which movie is the best.

When avatar officially out ( i think it was thursday), and guess what, me and my girlfriend went and watch a malay movie entitled 'Pisau cukur' instead. I believe that my expectation regarding good cgi movie is optimum in transformer. So I thought that avatar would not beat that.

The next day (friday), my girlfriend and I finally bought a ticket to watch Avatar. I insist her to go (she actually didn't want to go as Avatar is a science fiction film which she did not like the most). Finally both of us stuck in that cinema in 1borneo waiting for the film to start. I keep saying 'if this movie not good, don't blame me' hehe.

In the end, we both satisfy with the movie. For the first time, both of us had to agree that Avatar is good. I love the action and the computer generated effect stuffed in that movie, and my girlfriend love the beauty of pandora pictured in the movie. Both of us walk with a smile from the cinema hall. And guess what, we both watch it again. Just because my girlfriend said that she still want to experience the beauty of pandora, one time is not enough.

I watched more than that. I bring my sister to watch the movie, and she like it very much even though we had one of the worst seat in the hall, i watch again with my cousin, and i watch it few times in my laptop.

Avatar always bring back memory to me. Miss it much.

p/s: - before Avatar went out, there is one time, i don't remember exactly, when me and my girlfriend was driving around town thinking of what to do. I said to my girlfriend, " We don't have a movie of our own... like last time when titanic came out, every couple will always remember that movie that they went and watch with their love one.... we still don't have that kind of movie... and we are already in final year of study, going to work in different place later"....

I am so happy that before i end my medical school, suddenly Avatar went out. And it was the movie that we have been waiting for. A movie that can bring back memory of us together.

- Some people hated Avatar so much i don't know why but whatever they try to pull regarding this movie, i still believe this movie is one the best movie ever. It is much more better than any other movie up to date.

until today, people around me still putting this movie as a baseline. If the movie is better than Avatar then we should watch it but until now, i never heard someone saying that a movie is better than Avatar. maybe later theere will be another movie that is much better than this..and i can't wait. hehe.


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