Proton Service centre

I've been thinking on how can i go and service my car for the first 10000km if i am too busy doing ward work 7 days in a week.

I was thinking, let me give a try, open up google search and search for proton service centre around kota kinabalu.

To my surprise and naivety, there is actually a lot of proton service center here in Kota kinabalu but not many know where it is.

There is even one branch located near my working area.

So it is done. I just went and service my car and it took me only around 30 minutes compare to when i went to Inanam big branch which take me around 1 hour to wait for it.

So, for those who did not know ( a lot of us did not know as i was asking everyone and they keep answering me that the place to service my car is in Inanam) there is a proton service center in Kepayan, Bundusan, and Sadong jaya. The one in Kepayan is the one i went just now and it was nice as there is not many people going to service their car there.

anyway, feel so relieved after servicing my car. I care about it so much. hehe.


  1. hahaha... i feel so guilty if i dont service my car too... its time to pimp it up. Btw, any plan to come over KL? do let me know


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