Tribute To Metallica

1. I am not a metal man. I love all kind of music. Just that i need to talk about metallica. I don't know why but i believe they deserved to call the best ever rock band in the world.

2. I believe a lot of people are inspired to play guitar because of metallica. yes you do. And i did too. Metallica has inspired me to learn something on music particular guitar. I can play a little bit of guitar because of metallica.

3. If you see other rock band playing concert or anything, you would not feel the same way when you look at metallica playing live on stage. Their skills in music is superb. Maybe because they are into this kind of stuff for a very long time so they know what they are doing.

4. You can easily tell the different when a rock band play live compare to the one in their CD but when you listen to metallica, whether live or in CD, they soun almost the same. How can do it? They are too skillfull i think.
5. So for that, i am totally respect them even though i am not a big fan of them and sometime i feel their sound is annoying. But they are so good in what they are doing.

And a big thanks to them for inspiring me to learn about music, or else, i will be someone who till the end, never know how to play any instrument at all.

Big salute to Metallica

Metallica live

here is a link for those who did not know anything about metallica.


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