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Fuh... 2 days away from wotk

1. @ days away from work is like a heavenly thing that can happen to me. I have been suffering doing female unit one rotation for the past few weeks. For your information, the medical unit 1 rotation is the hell in medicine. No time to breakfast, no time to rest, no time for lunch, there is only time for dinner when you went back home around 8 pm at night. 2. Today, i am having my breakfast ( i forgot when is the last time i had my breakfast) in Mee Sapi Haji Salleh near Satok, Kuching. Kuching is kind of my gate to get away from my routine stress life. I had Sushi for lunch plus Fried Durian. Fried Durian? This is also new to me. But it was so delicious. So delicious until i cannot describe how delicious it is. For those who like durian, they must crave for this thing. It is actually a frozen durian which is wrap inside a popia dough and it was fried immediately and the durian inside will melt but stil remains cold so when you bite you have this hot and cold experience in your mo