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Where is my direction?

When I'm driving inside my car from Hospital to my house this morning, i stumble upon a question inside my head. What thing that i actually good at? yes, i am a doctor, but am i a good and brilliant one? I don't think so. there is a lot of my colleague which is better than me... I can play music such as guitar, but i am not a guitarist.. i play few song, and lot of my friend burn the guitar with their skills. I can sing but my voice worse than my guitar skill. I can drive, but i drive at 60km per hour, and few months ago i still scratch my front bumper skirt of my car. I was good at computer, but the pace it too face, everything changes, now i now nothing about computer. I just know how to use it. I may able to fix it but I frequently mess up everything nowadays cause all the component of the computer is getting smaller and delicate. Easy to break compare to before. Hardware is not that hard today. I am worse at taking picture so i cannot be a photographer. I am no

The Memory Remains...

1. Ah, so lazy to wake up in the morning and then have to go to work. 2. So tired every evening going back late from work. 3. Everyday the cycle continues, there is a lot more thing lies ahead. 4. I miss those day when Me and her always complain that we have no money, we went to oneborneo just want to spend our time sitting and talking and if we want to buy something, we buy something at Giant. We can afford to eat in that mall. We even cannot afford to park our car inside that mall. 5. We walk across the road just to eat in a cheap restaurant. Once a while we went and buy ice cream at McDonalds. Sunday cone... the cheapest ice cream among all other ice cream there. 6. We share our money to buy petrol for my car so that we can go somewhere we want to go. But we only go around town. cause we don't have enough money to go further than that. 7. Sometimes we just sit in our own room, and chat using yahoo messenger. We were saving our lunch money so we can buy someting nice for din

HO Shift System,

1.So we started shift system today.Until now nothing seem to be happening. Same same. 2. A lot of people opposed this idea of introducing shift system. I am neutral about it. My girlfriend started to work shift since month ago and nothing seem to be a problem for her. Plus she said that she had more time to go to bank and apply for multiple loan after shift system was introduced. 3. I am not pro Shift system either. For me the usual system of oncall did not bring much problem to me. It always keep me busy and sometime i complain a lot about it. But after complete all the on call i will always feel full of myself. 4. I believe people are to afraid of changes. It was a drastic changes when you suddenly change your timing of work. feel like everything will collapse. But maybe, it is better than before. 5. Human nature is always like that. Afraid of changes. We are similar to cat actually. Cat hate changes. They prefer playing the same thing all over again for the rest of their lif