HO Shift System,

1.So we started shift system today.Until now nothing seem to be happening. Same same.

2. A lot of people opposed this idea of introducing shift system. I am neutral about it. My girlfriend started to work shift since month ago and nothing seem to be a problem for her. Plus she said that she had more time to go to bank and apply for multiple loan after shift system was introduced.

3. I am not pro Shift system either. For me the usual system of oncall did not bring much problem to me. It always keep me busy and sometime i complain a lot about it. But after complete all the on call i will always feel full of myself.

4. I believe people are to afraid of changes. It was a drastic changes when you suddenly change your timing of work. feel like everything will collapse. But maybe, it is better than before.

5. Human nature is always like that. Afraid of changes. We are similar to cat actually. Cat hate changes. They prefer playing the same thing all over again for the rest of their life. The different between cat and us is we can adapt. We can choose to be what we want to be. We can survive even we put ourselves in a very tough condition.

6.Hmm. Maybe i will miss my on call momment. New batch of HO later will never taste the bittersweet of on call. Hehe. But the old batch also cannot taste the bittersweet of shift work.

So I am lucky to taste both system. Same like before when everyone compare boarding school and non-boarding school. Everyone said boarding school is the best and non boarding school have no future. I've tasted both. Now i have enough experience to suggest to someone which school u need to go ( boarding or not boarding)

7.After this, we all can make good and fair comment about this system cause we are the one who experince both of it. How lucky we are.


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