Where is my direction?

When I'm driving inside my car from Hospital to my house this morning, i stumble upon a question inside my head.

What thing that i actually good at?

yes, i am a doctor, but am i a good and brilliant one? I don't think so. there is a lot of my colleague which is better than me...

I can play music such as guitar, but i am not a guitarist.. i play few song, and lot of my friend burn the guitar with their skills.

I can sing but my voice worse than my guitar skill.

I can drive, but i drive at 60km per hour, and few months ago i still scratch my front bumper skirt of my car.

I was good at computer, but the pace it too face, everything changes, now i now nothing about computer. I just know how to use it. I may able to fix it but I frequently mess up everything nowadays cause all the component of the computer is getting smaller and delicate. Easy to break compare to before. Hardware is not that hard today.

I am worse at taking picture so i cannot be a photographer.

I am not that good at speaking in public. I love listening more than talking.

And i am not a good listener too cause i always think of something else when someone talk at me cause i am such a curious person. I saw a picture at the wall and i am totally not listening to the person beside me.

I am not romantic and frequently make my girlfriend tired of my ignorance of this kind of thing.

I am not a good planner cause all my plan always fail.

I am not good at partying, i hate partying. I prefer staying and watch movie at home.

I love watching movie but who the hell does not. I am not good at reviewing movie, I would say Avatar is a very good movie but my friend said that it is the worse movie ever,

I am not good at tasting food cause every food taste the same to me. That's why i can eat all different kind of food no matter which country they came from.

I was good at cooking, and my mom still said that i does but i realize that by time, i am getting suck at it cause i prefer take out rather than homemade. And if i am at my home, i prefer my mother's cooking.

I like badminton but i am suck at it. All my friend now almost pro with badminton but i still in beginner level.

I love jumping rope and i was good at it but there is no place for me to do it now cause my house is small and i really need a new apartment to start back jumping. Plus, i can't even jump 100 times now. previously i can do 1000 jumps non stop in 10 minutes.

I like fishing, the last time i went fishing was like 18 years ago.

I can't swim. I just know how to save myself from drowning.

Pretty much said here that i am still looking what im good at. What is my talent. What is the thing that i must do and good at until i can teach it to my children. I am pretty sad about it......


  1. bro, u not need to be expert in anything u're doing cause u're already an expert in ur career. Miss the good old time when we jam together like there's no tmr! :)


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