A Day In Orthopaedic

Orthopaedic posting is by far the best posting I ever had.

During that time, we have a lot of free time to spend.

As usual, the day started at 6.30 am or earlier. Round started so early in orthopaedic. Sometime 7.00 am the round already started. So as house officer in ortho, u must come early.

The round usually finish before 8.30. After round finish we will do our ward work and by 11.00 am all thing settled. So we usually went for breakfast at that time. (Repeated... Breakfast).

By 2 pm we usually do our PM review and nothing much. Most of the thing that we want to settle in ortho is the operation, of its done then its done. Not so much changes like in Medical.

By 3pm Mo oncall will come and just eye balling all the cases. Only occasionally specialist come and do round in the afternoon. Of they come in the morning then they will not come in the afternoon.

By 4 everything settled. We can either go back at 4.30pm or just chit chat and wait until 5pm.

I have so much time to go to the mall or have dinner with friends at that time.

Plus, we have one day off every week. So it is like so heaven. The oncall was around 4-5 times per month and average admission during oncall is 2 admission.

There is so much time to spend. I remember me and my friend Aron planned to study hard in orthopaedic but in the end we spend all of our time playing pool, badminton and watch movie.

In ortho also I made friend with a lot of great people. Most of them are MO now. So fun working with them. I remember Donna, Eyu, Faisal, Chua Seng Hui, Aron, tan yew eng, Bi yoke, Aisyah, Linda, Segar, the legendary Dhayalen.. You all are the best. All have their unique role in the team.

If they ask me to pick a team to work with, I will choose the above cause I know somehow, thing can be done in the end with all of their contribution.

A day in Orthopaedic is always a good day.
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