I Am Engaged Now

Yes, i am engaged..

5 days holiday and more than 1000 km journey, now i am engaged to my beloved girlfriend which i can call my fiancee now. Hehe.

It has been a long time since i wrote anything here. Well, i am now more on talking about myself intead of talking about my thought and idea like i used to do before.

Sorry, but my brain is running slow nowadays or maybe i just don't have enough time to think. So many work to do, so less time to spend on myself.

I just want to say here that i never get tired or bored with Kuching, Sarawak. I love that town enviroment, people, food, culture and places. So many places that i can visit and never get bored. I just don't know why.

For those who like to travel and experience the real culture of borneo, don't go to Sabah cause in Sabah you can enjoy more on modern life of borneo people or i can say enjoy the highland and the mixture of non-malaysian and malaysian.

I believe you can't see the real culture of borneo people in Sabah cause everything are filipino culture now. This state has been totally invaded.

to experience the real culture, then Sarawak is the place i guess.

Go to Kuching and don't miss to go to Waterfront, all the museums, cultural village, serikin, Bako... taste all the beautiful cuisine of sarawak, seafood, for a very cheap prices.




  1. Congratulations on your engagement!

    I thought so too, but specifically, you should mention Kota Kinabalu. Maybe other places in Sabah is not so much of Philippines.


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