Malique Aku Maafkan Kamu

During the trip to Sarikei, I heard this song in the radio... Well, the first time listening to this song i already think that this song was a good song.

Ok. Why do i say this is a good song? Most people say it is sucks, the voice of Jamal Abdillah in this song is awkward and lame, hip hop is dead, or maybe someone would say this is not a music at all, it is just a guy talking nonsense.

Haha... you are being nonsense.

For those who speak fluent Bahasa Melayu would know that this is a piece of literature. It is an art. Rarely you will see a hip hop artist doing something like this. Most hip hip artist will speak about where they go (club), where they live (crib), what they wear, what they drink, and party. Malique though, bring another set of perspective into hip hop, a view from the literature part of lyrical world.

The last time i listen to a poem turn into song is by Kopratasa, and yes most song lyrics have some element of poetry inside it but it does not goes into the level of sinking everything into a piece of literature rather into an form of art.

The music in Aku Maafkan Kamu song by Malique as usual, simple and enough for the listener to go through the song without getting confused cause i believe most of people out there do not know what the crap is he talking about.

When i listen to the song for the first time, i also confused, what the hell is he trying to tell? But after a few times, i start to understand what Malique trying to tell in that song.

I like this song.

The downside of this song is, yes, obviously, i believe Jamal Abdillah is not really harmony with the song concept. Maybe we can try other higher tone artist to sing it. I don't know. I am not really good at in classifying vocal but i still feel that his voice kind of unnecessary in this song. is a good song.


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