Mission Impossible Ghost protocol

After a long year without any significant movie to talk about, finally there is something by the end of this year that can be a memorable movie of 2011.

The muppets by the way is a fine movie. It was not suck at all. It's alright. If you want to bring your friend just for fun, the muppets is not a wrong movie to watch. The story is simple to understand. The jokes can make me smile ( my threshold to a joke is so high until I usually just pretend to laugh to jokes around me.. Oops... No offense). The jokes in this movie is not too stupid that is why I smile a little with it. I cannot tolerate stupid jokes like someone stepping into a hole or make a stupid face.

No. The muppets is certainly not the movie of the year. The movie of the year 2011 I guess is Mission Impossible Ghost protocol. This movie, as a sequence of the previous movie, keeps making audience thrilled and involved in the movie till the end. There is no unnecessary conversation or act. There is no pause in the action, and even though the story this time is a little bit straightforward compare to the previous trilogy, still I enjoy watching it till the end.

Currently I am sitting inside a large Growball cinema watching Sherlock Holmes. I don't know that there make a sequence for this movie. To tell the truth, I slept in the previous one. I hope this time they make a better movie or else, it will waste my Tuesday night movie routine.

Everyone deserve their just dessert.
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