The Muppet? Haven't finish watching it.

I guess I have to catch up on watching movie. Previously I watch a lot of movie and review every movie that I saw. Well, now I am kind of slowing down. Too busy at work maybe.

So what movie that I watched recently?

I guess I watch In Time starring Justin Timberlake and I gave it watchable but pretty stupid but interesting. Haha.

Then I watch Real steel - boring.... But must watch.

the adventure of tin tin - sleep after 15 minutes watching.

Twilight breaking dawn - Gay.

Petaling Street warrior - hmm, nice but what the hell is they are trying to show. Sexy women, the history, the jokes or.. I don't know. Most of the time the story lost it focus.

The muppets... Watching now while I'm blogging here. Haha. Blackberry sure make my blogging easy.
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  1. Watched In Time - not bad, good concept but doesn't makes sense, Real Steel - love the robot in action, Tin Tin - they humiliated the show entirely, Twilight - I don't even bother to watch, PS Warrior - someday i'll just download it or wait it to show in TV during CNY... catch up with u soon bro :)

    Peace Out!
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