Sherlock Holmes

Well. Today is my movie day again as usual. Menu for tonight is The Darkest Hour. Hmmm.

Did I mention that the second Sherlock Holmes movie is not bad. I did not sleep through out the movie. But still, I don't really think that the movie is that good.

Well. I hope the darkest hour can bring some changes in my movie exprience. I'm tired of bad movie.

Other than that, I want to talk about iphone vs samsung galaxy. I can tell u that apple is lame now compare to android phone especially samsung galaxy. Oh my god the Galaxy S2 is so terrific. And if you want to compare ipad with... Can't compare anymore. Just look at the new Galaxy note. So brilliant. Even galaxy tab defeat the ipad 2. Now with galaxy note I don't know what to say.

I'm supposed to talk about movie and not techno stuff. Haha.

Okay. I'm going to enjoy or not enjoy the movie now.

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