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Destroy Israel?

"...we should remember the suffering of our brother and sister in Palestin, Israel must be destroy..." I wonder why do people preach such a strong word in a very beautiful and peaceful religion like Islam. Subconsciously, they did not realize that they are the real monster here. I stand strong in opposing the Preach of War especially in the House of God, mosque.  War in the middle east is not a pure war like what happen thousand years ago where we fight purely for our religion and right. Today we fight for justice, and justice does not mean one side winner. Both side should be treated fairly and a common ground should be established so that the war will not recur in the future. War between Israel and Palestine is no different from any other war in the whole world. It involved politic, power struggle, money, and corruption. This war like any other war, should be stopped.  However, i am very deeply concern regarding the false image and statement given to the whole wo

Israel stop.

Palestine status was upgraded from non member entity to become non member state. A bald move from palestine leader Mahmood Abbas. Mix reaction rise everywhere from over the world however we are pretty sure majority of the world suppoet the movement. Only 9 country opposed the move and 9 other countries want to keep their hand clean - abstaining vote. The move could bring a lot of hope for Palestinian people but im pretty sure it will remain a hope in the near future as Israel started arrogantly to show off his power by starting to build more than 3 000 settlement in E1 zone that could divide Gaza into two part. A move that will cost NO peace now and in the future. Bringing Palestine to become a non member state is will not bring peace but it will bring at least some justice to the palestinian after being bullied by Israel for more than 50 years. As stated in UN policy, Palestine now can appeal to the International Criminal Court regarding War crimes against them by Israel. Name wi

Trip KK - Sibu - Sarikei

Finally the day has arrived. The day I've been waiting for years to come. The trip that I planned for months. Its the day for me to go to Sarikei for my wedding. So, after finished working on 27, I really cannot think of anything else other than this trip. On the 28th, me and my family already back to kk from Sipitang. Packing all the stuff and get ready to go to Sibu via air from KK. The air ticket price is quite expensive. I wonder, how come a flight to Kuching from KK only cost 129 (one way) while to Sibu which is nearer cost rm296? Why why? Anyone know why this happen? Nevertheless, my family safely arrived in Sibu after 1 hour 30 minutes air trip from KK. Sibu airport is quite small. Nothing much there. However Sibu town is quite hectic. Traffic jam everywhere. It was so crowded. I cannot breathe in Sibu. We left that town only after 30 minutes stuck in traffic jam. A trip to sarikei by car.. 1 hour on a bumpy road. I don't know why the road is bumpy. I tought goverment sp

The First Week

It is my first week after becoming MO. Starting life in Sipitang, living in a mansion provided by the hospital. Its just a double story house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathroom and a spacious kitchen and living room, but i like to call it a mansion. For me it is big for one person. I had to bring my cousin to stay and live with me here so that i am not that bored staying in a big house alone. Pretty much, it is a comfortable house. Love it, and it is near to the hospital. 2 minutes drive or 3 minutes walking. ( using car i have to follow the road while by foot i can just cross the field and reach the hospital back door. Well, they put me covering the outpatient department and casualty. Pretty much nothing big has happen. Everyday sitting in my own room, with my own nurse, see patient and try to help that as much as i could. However, sometimes, there is too much patient, i can't check them thoroughly in every visit. It feel weird when becoming an MO. Last time when i was a house off

End Of HO Entry

I have been posting a lot of my entry under the label of HO Entry. HO Entry is the most commonly used heading in house officer life. Everytime u wrote an entry inside a case note of a patient, u need to write that so that people could recognize that the entry was made by a house officer. Pretty much saying that the entry is not significant as any other entry. HO entry is one of the first thing that i learn when i started housemenship training here in Queen Elizabeth hospital. Now, i only have 5 days before ending my training and become a qualified medical officer. I did received a letter stating that I am now a qualified medical officer already.  Most people would say time fly so fast but i do not think so. I feel that i had a long journey within this 2 years of training. I've seen a lot of thing, had a lot of trouble, had a lot of experience along the way. I've met a lot of friends and enemy. I feel like housemenship is taking me forever to complete.  There is a fe

Too Phat : The Dynamic Duo

Too phat. They are not the first one who bring hip hop to Malaysia. There are a few more rapper who enter Malaysian mainstream music before them. Even hip hop already exist way longer than we expected in Malaysia. Lot of pop music already been infused with hip hop element before this duo came out. What is so special with them? How do they change our music direction? Do our music change direction after this duo started jumping on stage? ( Most probably not :-D ) This duo bring gangsta style rap to our country but with all the restriction that we have, they kind of introduce a new healthy way of hip hop. Their idea on Asian, traditional, modern, West kind of music sure attract lots of listener no matter you are in hip hop scene or not. No one can resist to their catchy chorus and notable tune in their first top charting single Anak Ayam ( Cockerels/ Pullets @ baby chicken). With this breakthrough single, Too Phat increasingly recognize among our music industry and it change the w

Gangnam Style

Everyone must already heard about PSY Gangnam Style. Some hate, some like it. No one in the middle. There are only hate or like for this new music and dance introduced by PSY which became an overnight sensation and official best internet meme for this year for the time being. What is Gangnam style? This question has been asked to me a few times for those who did not really follow up in today music culture and trend. Yes, there are still people who did not bother to know what this is all about until it already being said in all radio station in our country. Its simple, its a meme. Then lot of people will start to ask, what is meme? I am not going to talk about meme, i let you all read about it yourselves. Here i want to talk about this gangnam style. What is so special about this overnight sensation? I watched Gangnam style when it first released in youtube ( with no TV, I always wander around the internet looking for new stuff). almost 10 000 hits when it first released, i

29 February.. A movie that all Malaysian should remember.

Released on the verge of Malaysia's independence day, the movie does not seem to have a big hype in the media. In fact I heard more about other low budget Malaysian haunted comedy movie such as Seram sejuk or Hantu Gangster. This movie just seem to pop out in the cinema so suddenly. At first glimpse of the poster, I thought that this is another typical Malaysian political movie in line with 1malaysia propaganda. I almost opted not to watch it. However I choose to watch it in the end cause it does look different from other malaysian movie previously. Plus it is in 3D ( or is it?). The story is about a guy name Budi, born in 29 february and he was gifted as he will only age 1 year after 4 years has past. So the story is about his 30 years plus old which equals to around 120 years of Malaysia history. The movie is all about his relationship with a chinese girl named Ho Lai Lai or lily and as usual, this relationship are restricted by their different in race and religion. The messa

Raya 2012

When Ramadhan started, I feel so miserable. Not to say that I hate or whatever you close minded people want to say but working my ass off from 6 am till 7 pm really inconvenience during ramadhan. Whole other goverment worker can go back from work at 4 pm while we the doctors work till 7 pm. Enough said, I've been spending my iftar (berbuka puasa) eating left over food for patient most of the time this year. A few time when I have off day ( 4 times in the whole ramadhan) I went to buy something from baazar ramadhan. The rest - hospital food. And even I'm not working at night, I still have to go back at 7pm, way past the iftar at 6.30pm, sometime I did not eat during iftar instead just drink water and then later after 7pm I will go around and find some good food, ate that at around 8pm. Sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 3.30 am for sahur ( if got food, if not just ate candy or some cookies), then after that have to prepare to go to work. Must come to work at 6am. The whole month I am

Putatan Platinum Height Apartment Update

I feel cheated. Last year I bought an apartment in Putatan so called Putatan Platinum Height which is under SPNB. I'm very new in buying properties but the developer keep giving me good promise. I'm not expecting luxurious or maybe lots of bonus or present when I buy the house but I just need a time track on what's going on. They did gave me the time track on this project. It goes like this. The project will be completed this year around feb and maybe the key will be given by May 2012. That's the intitial time plan that they gave to me. I did bought it, arrange a loan, sacrifice my saving just to get the house which is a good investment also. Later, word is just a word. On May 2012 I ask the developer when the house will be completed. Even our Prime minister have to answer this question as maybe the developer already know what they did wrong. Not from the developer the answer came from our prime minister Dato' Seri Najib when he visited Sabah earlier this year that

Batman into my perspective.

I love batman since i was a little kid. Growing up with Tim Burton series of batman make me hard to adjust to the new trilogy of the dark knight. Even though i grew with it, somehow when i think about it, i do really want an improvement in batman movie. The last batman movie that i like before the dark knight was batman forever. I love jim carry playing The riddle. That movie did look childish but it is enough for a 12 years old kid to be entertained. When i get a little older, i started to think that all this batman movie is a crap. Why the hell bruce wayne always have different face in every movie? With the actor keep changing, in the end batman lose his identity. The only recognizable batman is the first two batman movie. They even put George Clooney as a batman. That is totally crap and bullshit. When christopher nolan started to make batman begins, i never really bother about it cause i hate batman a lot after Batman & Robin (the worse batman movie ever). I even did not wa

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Some people hate it so much. Some people say it is misleading. Some people say it ruined the history.... Whatever people say about it, it is certainly a good movie to watch. People nowadays tend to be biased on their judgment on movie. They watch they like and criticized other. I tend not to be like them but i too, in my humble opinion, sometime can be a little bias. However, i could not deny that this movie is one of the best 3D movie out there. How many 3D movie have you seen? How many if them really got that thrill and sensation of watching 3D movie? Less than 5 i believe. This is one of that minority. The effect in this movie sure can make you uncomfortable on your seat and sometime u tend to move a bit when something so sudden move towards you from the screen. I enjoy every bit of 3D effect in this movie.  Its worth of my rm14 that i spend for 3D version of this movie. If you think this movie is misleading and not based in real fact of history, well i believe twilight, har

Doktor Pemarah

One patient came and sit in front of me " doctor, I feel dizzy". I try to dig some more history however something is fishy. I asked her " do you have fever?" She answers, " yes." Do you have nausea or vomiting? She again answered "yes". Any abdominal pain? Yes. Any blurred vision? Yes. Chest pain? Yes. Are you working tomorrow? "Yes, I think I can't go to work, doctor." Case solved. Diagnosis - MC seeker. Some people/patient is really a pain in the ass. Sometime they can make me lost my patience. For every question I asked, I did not ask it like those worker who are conducting a survey. They have fixed question to ask without using a single brain cell. For me, at 3 am in the morning, I was so tired plus aching in my head thinking of a diagnosis of a patient with dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting..... Sound dangerous.. But she is 20 years healthy looking female. I hate when it came to this situat

Battle of Modern and Tradisional Medicine

"I have cured my hypertension. My blood pressure never high anymore. I checked. Always normal. Doctor also said I do not need medication anymore" says a patient on a hospital emergency and department bed with an ECG beside him showing T wave inversion in all lead, he is complaining of chest pain, his Trop I was high and his blood pressure... 260/135. I'm imagining his head explode with that pressure so high. What can cured hypertension? Diabetes? Even cancer? You won't find cure for this disease in a thick well recognized medical textbook, but you will find this all over the place here in our country. Traditional practioner still gaining point after long way of battle with modern medicine and somehow they always win or they never lose. People tend to believe something or someone can cured them. Imagine of you go to a hospital and you are diagnosed with Diabetes. In the beginning the medical doctor will stand in front of you and says " your disease will never be c

A concern to Malaysia Government

I try not to talk about politics in my blog. This is not like a politic post but more like a citizen post who sit under the middle class group of Malaysian. I have observe a lot of wind of change flying everywhere. I don't like to be involved in politic but I do have my right to vote. I never against government and I never reject opposition. Which one that make sense would be enough for me. I just feel that from my point of view, talking to a lot of patient, a lot of middle class goverment servant, private worker, coffee talk, pedestrian, stranger in a cinema, ear dropping them all.. I guess I have not met one person that agree that the current government should continue ruling this country? Why? We did live peacefully. We are much more peaceful compare to other country in south east asia. What is wrong with the government? It is actually not the policy or law that concern this middle and lower class group of citizen which make the most of voters.. It is the person who are on the

The Avenger is Iron Man

Maybe it's the iron man. He is the one who can light up the whole avengers thing.  \  This movie, to tell the truth, may not be the best superhero ever, but it is sure a nice and you will miss something if you did not watch this movie. After all the franchise movie regarding the introduction of avengers, i can say this movie is one of the best after the iron man movie.  Iron man is, i guess, the best superhero ever created. He act like a normal billionaire human being, he never hide his identity, he is just plain human that have super powers. I love iron man movie. The previous two movie of iron man is superb. The rest.....hulk...I can accept the 2nd film not the first one. Thor....lame. Captain america....super lame. But when all of them put together with iron man, it can still be the best.  The film consist of two and a half hour action packed type of movie with lots of slapstick jokes that can instantly make you laugh. The cgi.... I hate to admit this, is su

Battleship 2012