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Blackberry... The greatest phone without angry bird.

This entry is not sponsored by Blackberry. If you think about phone, what do you imagine? A device which can be used to communicate with voice or text. This could be what you were thinking years ago before the era of smartphone. After the era of smartphone, you would definitely think about angry bird. Angry bird somehow make those phone such as iphone and samsung sell a million of their product in this world. Your definition of a good phone now would be a phone that can play angry bird smoothly. This is in fact the first app you would open if you test a smartphone. Another thing would be the camera. A phone nowadays is much more a trend than a device of communication. A friend of mine with a new iphone would be difficult to reach unless you call him/her. She will not reply your email and he will only check his facebook message every 30 minutes (30 minutes is such a long time in this world of tech). Their iphone or samsung galaxy is much more like a device to play angry bird, slide-slid

The Viral Factor crushing Malaysia

I did not say this movie is a good one cause the plot was too draggy and too many repetition. I believe everyone in this movie have seven life like a cat except the authority. It is a weak story plot yet its enough for a whole story to flow until the end. I love the fact that this movie was shot almost 90% in Malaysia. From this movie, you can see that Malaysia can have real shooting action compare to our own movie like KL gangster or whatever. After watching this movie, I found that KL gangster is too lame. I am fascinated by the fact that they can make a crazy action stunt and shooting act in front of busy city of KL and without asking people to leave town before they shoot ( like all malaysian movie always do). They really potray the busy life of the city yet they can be explosion, car crashing, shooting and many more. It explored all the possibility of thing that can be done in Malaysia. Respect to our authority even their part mostly only as a victim of shooting in thi

Pilar of Creation

I have been reading on Eagle nebula and other galaxy for a while now. Not a serious reading, just a reading to fill up my curiosity regarding how our universe actually work. Sometime I realize that the Law of physics that we used to say correct and proven, does not really apply to other places in the universe. In a simple funny way to describe it, maybe if a human living in other planet in other galaxy, they could fly without a wing or an airplane. It is weird, interesting, and sometimes scary. The pilar of creation is a famous picture of 21 century. It was captured by hubble telescope showing a pilar of cloud of gas which created by and extreme radiation at the centre. Just like when a bomb blew and all the clouds around it push to the side and some of the cloud happen to be shaped like a pillar or something like that. The most interesting part is when other than the cloud of gas, we also can see that inside thayt pillar of gas, some new forming star is being born. That is so amazing.

Those Days..

I woke up with a headache... Looking up my bed, is another bed. Its a double decker... I don't even know where am I? But something hit me in my mind... this kind of situation happen before..years ago..It is the time when i was in boarding school, sleeping on the bed under a bed. Double decker bed is a trademark of a boarding school. Mine no exception. Waking up on a double decker bed make me feel that memory back. Life is so much fun at those day. No responsibility. Our only responsibility is to study. Everything else was arrange by someone else, our parent, teacher, and perhaps the government system itself. Making us live in a kind of condition where everything was ready for us. those time i learn lot of valuable lesson in life. Most importantly, learning about friendship. A lot of thing happen surrounding friendship issue when you are in school. making friends is kind of important at that time. Those time also teach me how to appreciate my family. As not living with them kin

RM300 000 for shopping? What the H....

I usually don't want to talk about politics in my blogs. you know, they can suddenly come and arrest you (maybe). However, reading in news paper regarding The first wife of Malaysia spending RM300 000 overseas for shopping is not acceptable. I don't know which one is true and i did not bother on proving who are the true one but i just kind of shock that someone can spend RM300 000 just for shoppung. What the hell. I am trying to collect money now for my wedding and someone just spend that amount of money to go shopping. I am living a restricted life collecting money to buy a house and someone spend that amount of money just for shopping. This is a pure unfairness and who gave her the right to do so...most importantly who gave her that amount of money? We are.. Anyway, maybe everything is just a lie. Maybe someone want to bring down her reputation and i believe she will take action soon, perhaps. Oh...wish i could have rm300 000 that i can spend just like that. Hehe.

Journey to the Mysterious Island

I'm back on my track of watching at least one movie a week. I've been late cause I supposed to watch it during thursday but I was so busy I did not manage to go for it that day. However last friday night, shamsul brought me to go and watch this one movie which is kind of sequel or similar to the previous movie Journey to the center of the earth. In my opinion, this movie is kind of average. Luckily Dwayne johnson was one of the character and that one girl I don't know her name which bring sexiness to this movie. However the rest is average. I don't like it though. The plot is so simple. No twist, no nothing. Just a plain movie. Nevertheless, the 3D effect is amazing and surely if you want to watch this movie, u should watch it in 3D. Everything look amazing in 3D. Well, if you realize, there is less picture in my recent blog entry. This is because I wrote it in the cinema itself with my blackberry. Haha. Now I am inside the cinema w

Growing up old.

My fiancee said to me, " It is a surprise to find out that you are a family man type." I say i never change but finally after a bit of thinking, now i realize that i change a bit. Compare to myself previously, I love outside, i can stand staying inside of my house for one day and never went out anywhere. I enjoy watching movie a lot. I always looking for friends to hang out. Always there in Pool centre in every shopping mall ( to think about it, i rarely go and play pool nowadays). I am not that type who go out clubbing and having all the head banging fun but i do like a little bit of adventure. But now, i am totally different. I love staying at home watching something in the internet, reading news, watching online movie, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry...... Oh no.. should i make this stop or I should stay like this. This is an evolution to become a real adult maybe. Now with all the commitment in my shoulder to start building a family, money for that and for my fa

The music of My Life

The story of Music in My life begun a long time ago. Years ago when i was still a kid. A kid who were told that in this world, what you need to do is study and get respect by other. Yes, that is one good goal of our life. My life is always about music other than other thing. There is always music in everything i do in my life. Years ago when i just started to listen, I heard a sound of a young girl who currently the most famous singer in Malaysia, no other than Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. I have to admit that her song is one of the earliest song that i ever heard. I do not particularly a fan of her. The first singer that i love was in fact Raihan and not Siti. Everyone have to admit that Raihan really take the nation music industry in a rather different direction. Everyone love them. I also love them. This is the first music that i listen in my early life. I start to enjoy music at that time. From that point of time, I start to appreciate more an

Simple Word Does not mean you are less educated.

' use big words to make people respect you '. There a lot of people out there trying to use big words to attract people to look at them and think that they are educated enough and reliable. I do not know why but everyone seem to believe this kind of concept. When a person use big words rhyming, quoting philosophy, literature, make a good sentences, thing that other people could not understand but it sound fantastic, then people start to believe this kind of person. Why? If a person use a simple word, people will think that this person is not educated enough compare to the previous one I've mentioned. What is going on with the world today? I always use simple words but does not mean that i don't know about stuff. I love literature and during my secondary school and university time, i read a lot of literature and i love poem, lyrics, because those thing are beautiful. But i do not speak like those thing that i read. For me, it sound stupid. I love to use simple word

I Have nothing to say

Movie i watched this week The darkest Hour - Suck Flying sword of dragon gates or whatever - theme park movie, no story, just for fun 3d Alvin and the chipmunks - way below kindergarten movie. Bring your below kindergarten child and he maybe love it. Oh my god. I am too busy to write this blog nowadays. Previously i have a lot of time to think and write something. Always pouring my ideas into what happening around me. Now i am stuck with these few lines of review. I am really busy now. Hopefully i will have time later and write about something. I have a lot of idea now but i don't have the time.