Blackberry... The greatest phone without angry bird.

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If you think about phone, what do you imagine? A device which can be used to communicate with voice or text. This could be what you were thinking years ago before the era of smartphone. After the era of smartphone, you would definitely think about angry bird.

Angry bird somehow make those phone such as iphone and samsung sell a million of their product in this world. Your definition of a good phone now would be a phone that can play angry bird smoothly. This is in fact the first app you would open if you test a smartphone. Another thing would be the camera.

A phone nowadays is much more a trend than a device of communication. A friend of mine with a new iphone would be difficult to reach unless you call him/her. She will not reply your email and he will only check his facebook message every 30 minutes (30 minutes is such a long time in this world of tech). Their iphone or samsung galaxy is much more like a device to play angry bird, slide-slide-with-no-reason or to talk to (Siri) rather than using it as a communication device.
This is where blackberry somehow could be the winner. Blackberry as you all realize is a powerful smartphone for communication and organizing your life. I used to own an ipod touch 4G in addition to my blackberry Bold but it does not really help me much.

The strength of blackberry is the power of communication that it provide. Tell me, how many time a person with blackberry check their email? why bother checking because the email sent directly to you like a text message. U did not even need to put on 3G mode to receive it. More battery life it is. With combination up to 10 emails in 1 device, you would not miss an email ever. I own 3 emails account and I never check my email anymore cause I always updated with the new mails. Want to save your money on text message, email me, it won't have any different and won't cost you any money.

Email is lame... Now people use facebook and twitter. Wait, facebook status update and twitter or any social network out there is also integrated in blackberry. Someone comment my status, it will automatically sent to me like a text message. You can even ask me to go lunch with facebook, no need to think whether I will check my facebook or not. Blackberry will always keep me updated.
No need to talk about BBM, lame, people use whatsapp. But how can u use a whatsapp if you can only received and sent message when you turn on your 3G data carrier. I hate whatsapping people with iphone cause I pretty sure they will reply it hours later when they ON THEiR 3G.

The keypad is the best thing about Blackberry. Do you think I'll manage to type this entry with a touch screen keyboard? No way. But with this brilliantly easy to type keyboard, I am still going on with this entry ( I am typing this entry using my blackberry).

The battery life is superb. Because we don't need to on 3G to get all the good stuff mention above. Just simply use 2G and the battery can last up to 3 days.

For people who really need communication power with a simple internet for information, a powerful calendar and organizer, blackberry is the best.

Before I forget, I used to use my ipod to listen to music, my perspective change because I thought ipod is design for that but to tell you the truth, my blackberry sound way better with a headset or not. The speaker in blackberry is much more clear compare to ipod. Same with the camera.

With new Blackberry bold 9900 with a touch screen, I definitely choose that before iphone and samsung.

But wait, am I living in the past? The definition of a good phone is not communication nowadays but angry bird. Blackberry don't have angry bird. And it is limited with all those app to do prank, app to waste time while waiting for something or just plain wasting time, blackberry lack of angry bird. So if you ask for a good phone in this new era, choose the one that can play angry bird over the one which has the most powerful communication and social networking ability ever.

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