Growing up old.

My fiancee said to me, " It is a surprise to find out that you are a family man type."

I say i never change but finally after a bit of thinking, now i realize that i change a bit.

Compare to myself previously, I love outside, i can stand staying inside of my house for one day and never went out anywhere. I enjoy watching movie a lot. I always looking for friends to hang out. Always there in Pool centre in every shopping mall ( to think about it, i rarely go and play pool nowadays).

I am not that type who go out clubbing and having all the head banging fun but i do like a little bit of adventure.

But now, i am totally different. I love staying at home watching something in the internet, reading news, watching online movie, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry......

Oh no.. should i make this stop or I should stay like this. This is an evolution to become a real adult maybe. Now with all the commitment in my shoulder to start building a family, money for that and for my family, and my cat who eat a lot, i feel that entertainment is not the way it was before.

Even if i hang out with my friend nowadays ( like last night with Aaron having late night dinner after work), we talk about future, we talk about what we are going to do. Hanging out with Shamsul the other day, we talk about the goverment, politics, how unfair doctors are treated nowadays in Malaysia....

all talk about..thing..that people consider old people talk.

There is no talk about banging chicks, clubs, what we wear, what we drink, where we eat, music and jamming anymore.

I guess thing will always turn to be this way when we grow up. Hopefully it is for the better so that we can be a responsible man later in the future.

Always think and never stop thinking.


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