Journey to the Mysterious Island

I'm back on my track of watching at least one movie a week. I've been late cause I supposed to watch it during thursday but I was so busy I did not manage to go for it that day.

However last friday night, shamsul brought me to go and watch this one movie which is kind of sequel or similar to the previous movie Journey to the center of the earth.

In my opinion, this movie is kind of average. Luckily Dwayne johnson was one of the character and that one girl I don't know her name which bring sexiness to this movie. However the rest is average.

I don't like it though.

The plot is so simple. No twist, no nothing. Just a plain movie.

Nevertheless, the 3D effect is amazing and surely if you want to watch this movie, u should watch it in 3D.

Everything look amazing in 3D.

Well, if you realize, there is less picture in my recent blog entry. This is because I wrote it in the cinema itself with my blackberry. Haha.

Now I am inside the cinema watching underworld the awakening in HD. Hopefully it will be better than J2MI.

Tata. Sincere.
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