The music of My Life

The story of Music in My life begun a long time ago. Years ago when i was still a kid. A kid who were told that in this world, what you need to do is study and get respect by other. Yes, that is one good goal of our life. My life is always about music other than other thing. There is always music in everything i do in my life.

Years ago when i just started to listen, I heard a sound of a young girl who currently the most famous singer in Malaysia, no other than Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. I have to admit that her song is one of the earliest song that i ever heard. I do not particularly a fan of her. The first singer that i love was in fact Raihan and not Siti.

Everyone have to admit that Raihan really take the nation music industry in a rather different direction. Everyone love them. I also love them. This is the first music that i listen in my early life. I start to enjoy music at that time.

From that point of time, I start to appreciate more and more music. I start listening to Dance song like Dr.Bombay, Vengaboys, and later i start to dig in one of the world newest music wave, Hip Hop.

It begun when my good friend (visit his blog at here gave me a listen to a new artist called Eminem. As lot of people and my family know that i love poem so much, maybe that is why i kind of hooked with this particularly new type of music culture. They are telling story which i love the most. And from that day, i never look back. I continue to digest thousands of music until today.

I start listening to Rock, hardcore, Metal, Sytem of A Down, Malay Pop, chinese song, Tamil song, Hindi song, underground, japanese, germany, russion, punk, dance, alternative rock, country, churces song, local song, indonesia, beethoven, any orchestra song, Kenny G, John standefer, love song, hate song..and the list go on.

I never satisfy day by day searching for new music. Its like an addiction. I becoming more obsess and i want more. In the end, i end up not only listening to music but going deeper into the basic, listening to sound, listening to notes.

I start to learn how to play music, even though i am sucks and not very good at it, but i try to appreciate more and more notes.

Start to listen to Sape, sitar, ukulele, vuvuzela, african tribe song.....

Now im asking for more. I keep wandering inside youtube and facebook looking for any music suggestion from others people.

Now i don't believe in genre anymore. Every sound is composed of notes and every notes is the same everywhere in the world. There is only A, B, C, D, F, G....

if you have any suggestion on music to hear...please tell addicted for more...


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