Pilar of Creation

I have been reading on Eagle nebula and other galaxy for a while now. Not a serious reading, just a reading to fill up my curiosity regarding how our universe actually work. Sometime I realize that the Law of physics that we used to say correct and proven, does not really apply to other places in the universe. In a simple funny way to describe it, maybe if a human living in other planet in other galaxy, they could fly without a wing or an airplane. It is weird, interesting, and sometimes scary.

The pilar of creation is a famous picture of 21 century. It was captured by hubble telescope showing a pilar of cloud of gas which created by and extreme radiation at the centre. Just like when a bomb blew and all the clouds around it push to the side and some of the cloud happen to be shaped like a pillar or something like that. The most interesting part is when other than the cloud of gas, we also can see that inside thayt pillar of gas, some new forming star is being born. That is so amazing.

A galaxy in the making... interesting but also make me think, god isn't finish after all. Lot of us always think that this universe was created and we are put here in earth and that's it. Now we wait for doomsday. But wait, look at the pilar of creation or other nebula galaxy, there is a new sun that is being created. God did not stop just here in earth.

Anyway, what I want to talk here is not about that science stuff regarding the birth of new solar system but regarding something that always bother me. Religion and science battle.

As you can see, I am not an atheist. I believe in God. Does not matter which religion you are, religion plays important role in restricting our mind to go further. That is what most people think. That's why some people start to disbelieve god and become an atheist.

The problem lies when people start to connect science with religion. It does not go very well. Science is based on fact and religion based on faith and believe. Most religion teaching is vague in describing stuff but science always want precision and details. Science does not need intepretation as it evolve on direct observation and proof. Religion is all about prophecy and most of it is the thing that we could not see.

This two is always running in their own course and direction. However, something in religion teaching always make sense in the end after we understand stuff.

For me, I love science but I keep my religion. It keeps me thinking and thinking and did not stop thinking until I found I wanted to know.

Do you remember that our grandma or our parent always said - stop thinking too far, that is God stuff. You will become 'murtad' if you think too much. I found this restriction is nonsense. This make future generation a generation of follow whatever that has been told to you and that's it. I don't want to stop thinking. I love to think about anything. I still believe in God but I still think on how he trigger the big bang and create the whole world. There is no limit if thinking.

When this restriction implanted into our kids mind, they will eventually believe that science and religion will not match and they start to believe only one. Which make the gap bigger.

However there is another kind of people which believe in God and science yet always try to connect everything together. As I told earlier religion and science always running on different direction. These people try to reason all the science stuff to their religion. When big bang was discovered, they start to reason that every religous text is proven by this theory. Maybe it is, but there is always an open book which we can explore further rather than making it fixed. Maybe the big bang is not true after all and then how do you reverse your religious text?

What am I trying to say here is, there is no rush in jumping into a conclusion. For example, Eve was said to be created from Adam's rib and everyone start to believe it. But when science told that both women and men have equals number of rib, and human was created by conception, religious people start to reverse and later they found that Koran for example really told about human conception after all. But yet, previously they already conclude one thing now they have another conclusion. What if they did not jump to conclusion too early, they can save themselves from being awkward.

Now we can think on how the universe was created, why other galaxy is still building up while we thought God is already finish making this world. We don't need to jump to conclusion for now. We can always found the answer if we think and observe hard enough. We don't need to be afraid of thinking about it too.

If we think like this, I think we can find a lot of answer before anyone else. Read more and be open for idea. I think a believer should be like this. Not just think about heaven and hell without a clue on where is the heaven and hell. Yes they maybe told that heaven and hell is God's power and they will be there if God want it, but wouldn't it be more interesting if you find a way to it. A scientific way, yet religious. A way to heaven it is.
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