RM300 000 for shopping? What the H....

I usually don't want to talk about politics in my blogs. you know, they can suddenly come and arrest you (maybe). However, reading in news paper regarding The first wife of Malaysia spending RM300 000 overseas for shopping is not acceptable.

I don't know which one is true and i did not bother on proving who are the true one but i just kind of shock that someone can spend RM300 000 just for shoppung. What the hell. I am trying to collect money now for my wedding and someone just spend that amount of money to go shopping. I am living a restricted life collecting money to buy a house and someone spend that amount of money just for shopping.

This is a pure unfairness and who gave her the right to do so...most importantly who gave her that amount of money? We are..

Anyway, maybe everything is just a lie. Maybe someone want to bring down her reputation and i believe she will take action soon, perhaps.

Oh...wish i could have rm300 000 that i can spend just like that. Hehe.


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